Friday, October 22, 2010

The Celtic Full Ivy Moon

The moon is full tonight, and according to the Celtic Tree Calendar devised by Robert Graves, it's the Ivy Moon. The Celtic Tree Calendar is a lunar calendar based upon the first 13 Celtic Ogham letters and their tree correspondences. Poet Robert Graves studied the Ogham and in his book The White Goddess published in 1948, he put forth the idea of a calendar that corresponded with the Celtic Trees. There are several versions of this, I like to work with the Graves version. According to Graves, "I noticed almost at once that the consonants of this alphabet (Ogham) form a calendar of seasonal magic, and that all the trees figure prominently in European folklore."

The Celtic month of Ivy/Gort falls between Sept. 30-October 27. During this month, the harvest is coming to an end, everywhere I look here in the Midwest, I see fields that are bare now, just stumps of corn, wheat or other crops, and the crows are out picking up whatever is left. The Ogham letter Ivy/Gort brings the promise of the inner self and the spiral of life.

This is the Ivy card from my upcoming Voice of the Trees deck, Sept. 2011.

The Ivy plant produces spiral shapes reflecting the spiraling patterns of DNA, the gifts given to us by our ancestors. This is the time to remember the spiraling life within you, where it came from and meditate on where it can take you in life. As you look up at the full Ivy Moon, remember that you ancestors looked at that same moon and be reminded of your ties to them. Think of the positive attributes that you have, family traits that serve you well. Can you imagine how far the genes you carry within you have traveled through the ages to form the person that you are?

English Ivy is evergreen reminding that even as the world beds down to take it's rest, life still remains. Ivy also represents tenacity of spirit, Ivy is a plant that can grow through stone, even when faced with the rocky barrier of a wall, it perseveres, hangs on, and thrives. It looks delicate and lovely, but this description would be a
underestimation of this tough tenacious plant that is a true survivor.

Photograph: The Ivy Wall Copyright Mickie Mueller 2004

Draw upon the power of the Ivy Moon to connect to your ancestors, as well as looking deep within and communing with the self. Cooperation with others, protection and banishing negativity are also facilitated under the Celtic Ivy Moon.

This beautiful Ivy Pendant from lovebellajewels on Etsy!

For anyone interested, I also wrote 13 Celtic Tree Calendar magic additions to Llewellyns 2010 Witches' Datebook, and although 2010 is on the waning end of things now, (it's on sale!) all the magic and much of the other info in the datebook can be used in years to come as well.




  1. Fascinating post - thank you!
    And thank you for visiting... I couldn't be without all my cats!!

  2. Me too Abi, kitties are such funny people!

  3. Great post, I loved it! There's actually standing stones all around the area that I live with Ogham inscribed on them, just dotted about fields and stuff. The thing is, I only heard recently that they've found similar carvings on a couple of stones in the US. I always heard tales growing up about an Irish saint who sailed to America centuries before Colombus but never really paid them that much attention. But apparently it was true and he's the one who carved the stones! This post just reminded me about it. I must look into it again...

  4. How lucky you are to live near Ogham stones, I've studied Ogham but never seen the stones with my own eyes! Yes, I think Saint Brendan traveled to the United States, apparently there are some stones with Viking and Celtic markings carved on them all along the east coast, I hope to see them someday!

  5. this is a great post Mickie, i am fascinated by the celtic tree calendar & am working (very slowly lol) on a series of paintings to depict it. I love to think of our ancestors staring up at that same old moon when i see it full. Your Ivy card is beautiful! x

  6. Oh Ruthie, thanks, I can't wait to see your trees! The Celtic Trees are a great inspiration, aren't they? I'm glad you enjoyed.

  7. I love ivys! I took some in my wedding bouquet... :)


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