Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wayback Machine: Heartland 2011, Rain, Shine, Friends!

The witch hat candle holder outside our cabin.

Well, things got a little busy, and my blog fell behind, so let's jump into the Wayback Machine and make a few quick stops so we can catch up!  First stop:  Heartland Pagan Festival May 26-30.

We had a great time at Heartland this year.  Dan and I arrived Thursday late afternoon dropped off our Easy-Up, tables and merchandise up on the hill with the other vendors and made our way to our cabin.  The staff at the festival made us feel very welcome, we shared a cabin with the lovely Selene and Donna, they were great neighbors who were kind enough to trade some Tylenol for dark chocolate! 
Our cabin, home sweet home!

I did two workshops over the weekend, one on creating magical artwork and how to find success in that area of the arts, and one on The Voice of the Trees. I really enjoyed chatting with folks, met lots of wonderful people and had an overall great time.
Dan and I hanging out with John, a fellow artist who I met at one of my workshops.  He saved the day at our booth with a roll of much needed twine, and we ended out hanging out with him and his lovely wife Kris all weekend.  Good times!
The land is so beautiful there at Camp Gaia, everywhere you looked there was something beautiful to see, and great energy at Heartland festival!  It was overcast through most of the festival, and we got rain on Saturday night, but all of our merchandise was packed up tight thanks to Dans plastic tubs, and everything was bone dry in the morning.  Sunday was hot and sunny, and it was really windy on Monday when we packed up, so we really had a range of weather.
Had a great time hanging out with Deborah Lipp writer and High Priestess extraordinaire, she totally cracks me up, really fun to talk to!  We picked up her book on James Bond for Tristan, he was totally delighted!
The food was delicious, I started making my scrambled eggs "Heartland Style" with vegies on top, yum!  I also had falafel for the first time, totally diggin' those little yummies!  I had a lovely conversation with drummer Russell Buddy Helm about healing with drums while we were enjoying dinner.  we were all entertained by Uncle Dirtytoes, Big Bad Gina, Darwin Prophet, and the KC Drum Tribe who all rocked the stage.  Orien Laplante carved a really cool hollow log on the night of the closing ritual carving out a beautiful Goddess Venus figure, when the fire was lit, she glowed and danced!  I didn't get a picture of it, but if I can find one that someone else took, I'll share it here, it was unbelievably cool!  My dear Brenda handed me a bunch of packets of my beloved Chai tea to enjoy while I was there. 
Saying goodbye to Brenda before we headed home, she and the rest of the staff at Heartland sure showed us a great time, it's a great festival, I would recommend it to anyone!

We were having so much fun, I didn't take as many pics as I would have liked to, so I was scrambling to get some shots on the last day. 

We packed up and hit "home" on the GPS, and the rest is history!

I leave you with a few more shots of Heartland before we get back in the Wayback Machine, next stop...Pagan Picnic!

The beautiful view from our cabin!
A shot of our booth, oval tile wall hangings were a big hit!

More fun stuff, prints, cigar box style purses and iron candle sconces.

A troupe of totes!


  1. How I wish they had fun stuff like that around here. If I had been there I would have bought something from your booth!

  2. I still haven't finished my HPF blog either.. *sigh*
    LOVED reading yours!!

  3. Julie, it would have been great to see you, check out my etsy store and we can ship pretties right to your door! Kris, Let me know when you post it, I want to read it! :o)

  4. It's finally posted!! OMG! It only took another MONTH!! :)

    I used your pix from this page to balance the flow of my blog, so it wouldn't be so much gray area. (my journalism background)

    I hope you don't mind. I can remove it if you prefer.

    Anyway, here it is!!
    *huggles* and love,


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