Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Day My Fingers Flippped Through the Trees

The Voice of the Trees deck is ever nearing completion!  I got an email from my acquisitions editor Barbara Moore (currently working on the Steampunk Tarot) right before Pagan Picnic this weekend to let me know that the components for the kit, cards, book, and packaging were arriving in the warehouse for assembly.  Of course I was over to moon!  I don't have an entire kit to show you yet, but Barbara was kind enough to ship me off a "raw deck" to play with.  Basically, a deck wrapped in cellophane all by itself without the book or packaging.  
It arrived yesterday, and I had just happened to go home to make a sandwich for lunch and there was the package, sitting innocuously on the hutch near the door.   Cool as a cucumber, I madly ripped the package open, cool indeed.  My hands were shaking as I flipped through them with my guys husband Dan and son Tristan.  I took some photos so I could share my moment of excitement with you, this is exactly what the finished cards will look like!  I shuffled them, played with them, Dan teasingly asked, "Will you be sleeping with them under your pillow?"  "Well, of course!"  Was my reply.  Giddy idiots we were!
 In the midst of all the elation of actually holding the deck in my hands, I grabbed my three ring binder for the project.  I always keep a binder for jobs where I can park my notes sketches, reference photos etc. and this one is the biggest ever.  I began dreaming about this project around 2001-ish and I began to reminisce with Dan about how long ago it was when we first had a chat on our living room floor about the idea of creating an oracle deck based on the Ogham.  I flipped through my notebook and came across the first of my notes, they are now yellow with age.  What a delightful feeling to have something that you dreamed about so long ago and worked so hard on actually come to fruition.
A few pages of my original notes, including sketches of my concepts for the apple and rowan cards, circa 2001.
 The deck of course will be officially released this September, and I simply can't wait for you to get your hands on it, I hope you'll be as happy as I am to work with the trees of the Ogham through this long awaited deck. 


  1. Mickie, I have been lurking around on your blog and silently following the progress of your “Voice of the Trees” deck since its beginning, and I simply cannot remain silent any longer. You have one big fan in Australia who simply cannot WAIT to be able to hold it in her grubby little paws! :) It’s simply gorgeous!!!! Cheers!

  2. Seeing these cards makes me itch to get mine. As I told you, I have pre-ordered the set through and am getting very impatient. Yet, I know the summer will fly by and September will be here all too soon. Congratulations from a water-soaked Bismarck.

  3. Oh ladies, thanks so much! I'm very excited too (as you can tell! LOL)


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