Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The New Phone Book is Here! Well, Actually the New Almanac!

Whenever I get my contributer copies of the Llewellyn periodicals that I write and illustrate for, I know just how Steve Martin felt in "The Jerk" as he got all excited and exclaimed, "The new phone book is here, the new phone book is here!" And leafed through the pages to find his name. "Page 73 - Johnson, Navin R!"   I just got my advance copies of the 2012 Llewellyn Magical Almanac and The Witches Companion, I also wrote for the Spell-A Day Almanac, but those copies aren't here yet.

Yeah, I can't help it.  I always leaf through and see the article I wrote and the illustrations too, it's actually pretty fun.   Of course, these are done way in advance, so often I haven't seen the work that's in there for awhile and I do get pretty excited.  I'll probalby never get tired of seeing my stuff in print.

I have two articles in the upcoming Llewellyn Magical Almanac 2012, "The Green Man: Spirit of Abundance" and "Dreamwork, Your Secret Magical World."  I also have an article in The Witches Companion, "But You Don't Look Like a Witch"  an article about our self image and how others percieve us as witches.  I was also delighted to illustrate both of my Almanac articles along with articles by some of my fellow authors Blake Octavian Blair and Raven Digitalis.
Blake Ocatvian Blairs article Academic Patrons for College Students
Both of these guys are very talented writers and I enjoyed doing the illustrations for their articles.  The Witches Companion article is illustrated by Tim Foley and I must say, I think he really did a great job and totally kept in the spirit of the article with his work, I love his portrayal of the Corperate Witch!  There are many really great artists that contribute their work to the Llewellyn periodicals every year and I'm quite honored to be counted among them.
Raven Digitalis' article about magical art
Here are a few shots of the original illustrations paired with the actual books, these both come out this fall, so keep an eye out for them, they're both chock full of great articles by many of Llewellyns talented visionary writers and illustrators.
The Green Man: Spirit of Abundance

On a side note, I noticed that in my bios in these books it lists me as a co-HPS of a coven that I'm no longer affiliated with, and that I understand has changed it's name anyway.  These articles and bios are sent in far in advance, and that bio was up to date at the time that I sent it.  While I did recently change my bio for The Voice of the Trees Companion book coming in September when I did my edits, as writers for the periodicals we don't really have the opportunity to edit things like that, although I should have sent in the updated bio after the fact, but frankly I didn't think of it at the time, my bad.  Anyway, I wanted to state that publically so as not to give the wrong impression.

Best Wishes!

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