Thursday, January 26, 2012

Celebrating the Art of the Magical Paths

From the art of The Hidden Path deck, this candle sconce featuring the quizical black cat will bless your home with magic!
Click here for the link.

If you've been to our Etsy shop lately you've probably noticed some new items from some classic art that wasn't there before.  We have recently started a new line of gifts and prints from the art of The Well Worn Path and The Hidden Path.  These are of course the first two decks I created artwork for, and they are sister decks.  The Well Worn Path illustrated the 40 basic teachings of the craft, and The Hidden Path delves into the deeper spiritual teachings.  The concept and accompanying book for each deck was created by Raven and Stephanie Grimassi and these decks have been highly acclaimed and are used for divination, meditation and teaching tools by many Pagans across the country. I put a lot of hard work, imagination and magic into these pieces, each one created with a combination of herb infused paint and painstakingly detailed colored pencil to bring these images to life.  To learn more about how these pieces were concieved and created, click here.  Each piece is full of magic created with the intention that every copy of the art would contain the same energy as the original art, making the printed decks and other items very magical indeed! Needless to say I'm very proud of these decks, and now I'm very pleased and honored to be able to offer you these special items created from the art right in my studio.
From the art of The Hidden Path deck, this magical mortar and pestle in an inspiration for the Kitchen Witch in you! Hang your herbs on candles or keys on this pretty iron rack.  Click here for the link.

A set of 8 oval wall hanging tiles, one for each Pagan Sabbat created from my art from The Hidden Path divination deck. You can hang these all together, or hang one and change it as the Wheel of the Year turns. A truly magical way to celebrate the magical holidays of the year. Click here for the link.

For now, this very special art will find it's home in the Mickie Mueller Studio shop, but as we add new items, we will very likely give these special pieces their own home in their own shop.  You'll see new items added every week, but I want to make sure that everyone knows that every card from both decks are available on any of the products that we offer in our shop, even if you don't see it, we can make it for you custom, and we don't charge a dime extra to do it.  Our goal is to be able to offer you what you're looking for, and since we make all of these beautiful items ourselves, it's never a problem to make something special just for you, it's our honor.
This wall sconce is made of an iron frame with a 6x6 inch ceramic tile with my art from The Well Worn Path "The Crossroads" featuring the triform mask, key and symbols of the Goddess Hecate. Click here for the link.

Every card image can be made into beautiful items for your personal and ritual use such as:
  • tote bags
  • candle sconces
  • crystal jewelry
  • key/herb racks
  • compact mirrors
  • coffee mugs
  • ornament/car charms
  • oval wall tiles
  • handbags
  • tarot/oracle bags
  • beer steins
We hope you share our excitment about these cool new items, and watch for more beautiful things coming soon, we love making beautiful, magical things for you!

Bright Blessings!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

This Isn't Your Moms Designer Handbag!

I've been using this purse for six months and I love it!  Now available in our Etsy shop.
Who wouldn't love a fantasy art handbag that's classy, functional and magically changes whenever you want it to?!  I do!  That's why we're so excited about the brand new product we're adding to our studio line.  Click here to order!  About six months ago Dan and I ordered a couple of these cool purse bodies with changeable flaps that we can add my art to using dye sublimation set up we have in the studio.  Now, I'm often kind of hard on purses especially if they're not leather.  Everytime I would get a cheap-o one it seems like they would fall apart, When these purses arrived, they seemed like really good quality, so I decided that I wanted to test this purse to see how it would hold up.  Some people around town saw me carrying it and really loved it.  They wanted to know if they could get one, then I explained that I was testing it to make sure the quality was good and that I would be offering these purses as long as it held up well.  I'm happy to report that six months later, I totally love this purse! 
You can choose whichever piece of art you want, or we'll be happy to custom make one with your favorite art on it if you don't see it here!  Available in our Etsy shop,

Dan and I worked on making some new purse flaps for our shop last night so we can offer them on in our shop. They are very pretty, black faux leather, so they're cruelty free.  It measures 11.75"H x 7.8"L x 3.5"D, I can fit a large wallet, Nook, cell phone, lipstick, compact, and lots of other various items of junk I feel the need to tote around in this bag.  I've not had the best luck with purses that aren't leather, but this one has held up great under my use and abuse.  It has an adjustable strap, so you can use it as a hand bag or make it long so that you can wear it across your body or anywhere in between.  It's not too big, not too small, it has a full zipper pocket,  interior zipper pocket, cell phone holder and even a key clip, so your keys don't sink to the bottom like they do. 

The adjustable strap attaches with shiney nickel clasps.  The front flap has one of my art pieces on it with a cool decorative black and gray border design that compliments the purse details and you can get extra flaps with different art and change the front flap depending on your mood, season, or outfit! 

This allows you to dress this purse up or down, from gypsy boho chic to office casual and anywhere in between.  We hand press and detail these flaps in our studio just for you.  I love that you can change the look of your purse without having to move all your stuff from one to another, super easy.  If you have to clean the purse body, just wipe it with a damp cloth, the fabric purse flap can be cleaned with a baby wipe, although after carrying mine for six months, I stil haven't had to worry about it, it still looks a vibrant and pretty as the day it was pressed.

We only have a couple at this date, but more are being shipped to us even as I write this, so if we sell out, don't dispair, we'll have more by next week.


Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Night Magical Movie: Big Fish

Tall tales are the order of the day in this charming story that is ultimately all about love.  Big Fish is a 2003 Tim Burton film that embraces legend, myth and fantasy in a very real way. 

The story revolves around Edward Bloom (Ewan McGregor/Albert Finney) who has chosen to view his life in the way that he wants to, he has woven his entire life as a story of legend, fantastical stories which he revels in telling and re-telling much to the chagrin of his son.  Will Bloom (Billy Crudup) grew up hearing the stories, and now that he's a grown man, he has become disenchanted with his fathers tall tales, especially now that his father is very sick and dying. Will feels like he doesn't know his father at all, only his fairytale versions of him.  Will returns home to attempt to reconcile his feelings and get to know the real man while he has the chance.  "In telling the story of my father's life, it's impossible to separate fact from fiction, the man from the myth. The best I can do is to tell it the way he told me. It doesn't always make sense and most of it never happened... but that's what kind of story this is."
Ed Bloom catches the Big Fish, a lady fish on the day his son is born.  The bait he used?  His wedding ring, so of course he had to get it back!

This movie flashes back to times in Edward Blooms life, showing the stories that he tells about the events that shaped his life, and every one of them is a fantastic story full of magic, amazing people and amazing feats!  The same theme always arises one way or another, his love for his beautiful wife Sandra.(/Alison Lohman/Jessica Lange)  As Jenny who wanted him to stay with her was sad to realize, there were only two women to Edward, Sandra the love of his life, and everyone else.
This concept is illustrated by the fact that that Helena Bonham Carter plays both the oddly demure Jenny and the mysterious Witch with the magical glass eye from the town where he grows up. 
Will:" Logically, you couldn’t be the Witch, because she was old back when he was young."
Jenny: "No, it’s logical if you think like your father. See, to him, there’s only two women: your mother and everyone else."
The stories Edward tells about his life are simply amazing, and the most fun part of this movie!  He is the hero of his town when he convinces a giant that's scaring everyone to move on.
Edward and Carl decide the town of Ashton just isn't big enough for either of them and plan to hit the road.
He discovers the elusive and idyllic town of Spectre which he leaves but later returns to save.
Edward arrives in Spectre too early and meets Jenny.
Edward works in a circus for awhile with the sole purpose of learning information about his future wife Sandra, who he manages to win over with a series of romantic gestures  including a field of daffodils, her favorite flower. 
The first time Edward sees Sandra, time stops, but then it goes faster to catch up and he looses her in the crowd, but is totally smitten forever!

"I called everywhere in five states and explained this was the only way I could get my wife to marry me."

He tames a werewolf, survives a flood, robs a bank with a poet, crashes his plane during the Korean war and is rescued by singing conjoined twins, and yes, even catches a very big fish! 
"I need twice the man
Cause baby, I've got twice the love to give"
The circus ringmaster is played perfectly curmudgeonly by Danny DeVito, who is a riot, and his sidekick clown/attorney Mr. Soggybottom played by the awesome Deep Roy.  I loved Steve Buscemi as Spectres poet laureate Norther Winslow. 
"Roses are red, Violets are blue...I love Spectre,"  Norther Winslow and his poet groupies.

Wills charming and pregnant wife Josephine is played by the lovely Marion Cotillard, I love her character, she's patient and kind listening to Edwards stories and seems so truly caring.  I also loved the kindly giant Carl, played wonderfully by Matthew McGory, just misunderstood, and so hungry.  Awww.

So what does Edwards son Will discover about his dad in the end?  Is he for real, or just a big fish story?  Well if you haven't seen it, I'm not delivering a spoiler, but I do recommend that you watch this fanciful story about magic, imagination and love with someone you're sweet on!
"Sometimes, the only way to catch an uncatchable woman is to offer her a wedding ring."

"A man tells so many stories, that he becomes the stories. They live on after him, and in that way he becomes immortal."

Monday Movie Featured Item:

The Hazel Card print from Voice of the Trees official Etsy shop.

The Celtic legend of how the great  Fionn mac Cumhaill (Finn maCOOL) caught a magical fish and gained wisdom and inspiration is another great fish story.  This is the hazel card from my Voice of the Trees deck.  The hazel card represents wisdom, and inspiration and speaks of looking at the world in a new way or bringing your own creativity to life.  This is the way Edward Bloom in the film Big Fish lived his whole life.  He turned himself into a larger than life legend and found magic and mystery in every thing that he did.  He also lived like the traditional Irish storyteller, weaving tales that captured the imaginations of those who heard them. 


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Celtic Tree Calendar Online Class

Celtic Tree Calendar Series is being offered as an online class! I'm currently teaching this class live at Pathways in St. Louis, now you have the opportunity to join us by taking the online version of this class.
Printouts of the Birch class, just as an example of how beautiful this class is, with lots of extras like candle labels, meditation cards, etc.  Click here to order.
Working with the Celtic tree calendar is a very peaceful and magical way to align with natural energies of the earth and specifically trees. My approach to the Celtic Tree Calendar as a working model for a year of magic is based upon the tree calendar as it was first suggested by Robert Graves as a modern inspiration based upon the ancient trees.

While the idea of the Celtic Tree Calendar cannot be claimed as historical, the Celtic Trees are, and this system has much spiritual relevance for many people working within modern magical practices. Tree magic can help you find balance in your life and you will also find that working magically with trees is like working with herbs but on a different level. These great sentinels of the earth are great magical allies to have and as you progress through this class, you’ll find that trees have magical messages that come from both general tree teachings that are the lessons that all trees have to share, but also the specific lessons of each species of tree as well. You’ll learn about the 13 trees of the Celtic Tree Calendar, the lessons they have to teach you about each tree and through this class you’ll also learn a bit about yourself. You’ll find the Celtic Tree Calendar a great basis for full moon rituals, since it’s a lunar calendar. Through this class I will teach you ways to connect to the Celtic Trees and to your own personal World Tree to gain insight, wisdom, healing, balance, and a positive outlook on your life and the world around you.

Because this is a cyclical calendar that turns along with the Wheel of the Year, there is no beginning and no end. I've broken this class down so that no matter what month you begin with, you will build tree wisdom and magical tree techniques while you cycle through the Celtic Tree Months.

The class arrives by email,  several PDF's each tree month, 13 in the year. With each class you'll get four beautiful full color pages, and loads of illustrated black and white pages full of tree wisdom and ways to work magically with the Celtic tree of the month including several tree spells and a full tree ritual that can be performed at any time of that tree month or during the full moon, the class shown below is 23 pages long, most classes will be about the same length. You'll also get a color page of extras such as candle labels, meditation pieces, talisman componants and more. Once you complete the full cycle of the tree year, you'll have over 200 pages of tree wisdom, and over 60 spells and rituals, you'll also recieve a beautiful certificate to put in your book of shadows or frame and hang on your wall. You have to order each class separately, so if at any time you don't want to continue, you don't have to cancel, you can just choose not to order the next class. But we know you'll love what you recieve every month and look forward to the next!

Click here for more info and to order.

You can also find the deck here: Barnes & Noble
I hope you'll join us!


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Little Magic for Your Car!

Have a happy drive! These ornaments/car charms are available in our Etsy shop!

Last summer while on our usual festival circuit, we made some of the ceramic ornaments we use for the holidays with all of my other art designs on them, these lovely little ornaments aren't just for Yule.  We discovered that if you hang these on a ribbon they can be small wall ornaments, they can hang above a wall altar, and at only 3 1/4" x 2 1/4" they also make a lovely car charm that you can hang from your rear view mirror!  How cool.  We have them available in our Etsy shop for anyone interesed.

We can put any of my pieces of art on these little gems, they're really cool.  You can have your favorite fairy,  God or Goddess watching over your car and it's passengers every day.

Here's super simple instructions to turn one of our magical ornaments into a car charm and a spell you can use to enchant it before you hang it in your car.  You spend a lot of time in your car, why not add some art and enchantment to your favorite chariot and make it a more pleasent place to be!  Who can't use a little extra beauty and magic in their lives?!

Ceramic Car Charm Spell

You'll need:
  • Ceramic charm with your choice of art prepared as shown above.
  • A bowl or cup for hot water that the charm can fit into.
  • Any or all of the following herbs,comfrey (safe travel) feverfew (safe travel) juniper (anti-theft) rosemary(protection and concentration) mint (for calm)
  • coffee filter
  • piece of string or rubber band
  • a white candle
Spell ingrediants, you only need one car charm, this pic shows lots of them, we can make them with any piece of art from our Etsy shops you like! 
You may use any, or all of these herbs.

Put your herbs in the middle of a coffee filter, bundle up and tie with a string.
Put it in the bowl and pour boiling water over it and allow it to sit for about 1/2 hour while it brews and then cools.

Remove the herb bundle from the water and light the candle. Holding the car charm by the ribbon, dip the ornament three times into your magical brew, don't worry if some of your brew gets on the ribbon.

 Lay it on the table next to the candle holding your hands over the charm, enchant it with your intentions by repeating the following three times:
    "Magic charm magic art, I enchant you, do your part, May this charm bless my car As I travel near or far. Safely carry me over the road, To all destinations then safely home,  Keep my chariot safe and sound By my will this spell is bound."
Leave it by the candle and allow the candle to burn out.  Then hang it in your car on your rear view mirror.

It's very important to remember that magic is not a substitute for safe driving, car maintenance or common sense, but it's a great idea to enchance your already good habits.  Happy traveling!


Monday, January 16, 2012

Magical Movie Monday: The Mists of Avalon

This 2001 two part miniseries directed by Uli Edel is a visually stunning adaptation of the best selling book by Marion Zimmer Bradley and is a great inspiration with it's myth and magic for many modern Witches and Pagans.  The story is a wonderful re-imagining of Arthurian legend.  The tale chronicles the story of the women who's power and magic influenced a kingdom and country. 

The story paints the story of very complex characters, the plot full of intrigue, and many twists on the original Arthur stories that really work very well.  Is the film version exactly like the book?  No- but so seldom do screenwriters keep the story the same, for many reasons including time constraints, nonetheless, this is an excellent movie.

I've always been fascinated by the period of time during which the Christian religion moved into previously Pagan areas and began to take over, and this story is all about those elements of change and tension during that transition.   It also is a study in the power struggle between the feminine and masculine powers.
The original "Fam Trad, sitting around the hearth, I looove this room!

The story is told through the eyes of Morgaine, (Julianna Margulies) Arthurs half sister and revolves around her mother Igraine, (Caroline Goodall) and her two aunts Morgaues (Joan Allen) and Viviane.(Anjelica Houston)  She and her brother are taken away at a young age to study because the powers that be have plans for both of them.  They are separated, Arthur goes to study with Merlin, and we follow Morgaine as she travels to the mystical land of Avalon to study the arts and mysteries of the Goddess with Viviane  who is the High Priestess of Avalon also known as The Lady of the Lake.  Viviane has a commanding presence and in this version of the legend outshines the aging Merlin.

Ooooh, I want to visit Avalon!  But I would settle for it's mundane counterpart Glastonbury!

The magical land of Avalon co-exists in the same space as Glastonbury but not in the same realm.  Morgaine grows up there, mastering Vivianes teachings, and before she leaves she is offered to a young man at Beltane for a fertility ritual. 

The two wear elaborate masks, and having not seen each other since childhood, she doesn't realize that the man is Arthur. (Edward Atterton)  Of course, she has concieved Mordred who will end up being raised by Igraines sister the power hungrey Morgaues.
Oooh, litle Mordred, he's so cute!  What a good boy!
After King Uther dies and Arthur claims his right as king.  He is presented with the magic sword Excalibur by Morgaine and Viviane with the agreement to rule in the honor of the Goddess.    But all is not happy in Camelot, when Arthurs wife Christian wife Gwenhwyfar (Samantha Mathis) fails to produce a child, she believes God is punishing her  because she has secretly fallen in love with Lancelot and also for the acceptance of the Pagan religion.  Things become exasperated when in spite of her Christian faith, she desperately asks Morgaine for some magical intervention which manifests unexpectedly with Arthur inviting Lancelot into the king and queens bed, but still no child conceived.
This must have made for an awkward confession for Gwenhwyfar.
Gwenhwyfar increasingly becomes a religious fanatic, and relationships between Avalon and Camelot become hostile.  Then Mordred,(Hans Matheson) now grown, has arrived at Camelot and commences his plans to claim his right as successor to the throne, and more chaos ensues.
Joan Allen as Morgaues and Hans Matheson as Mordred, I think he's hot, his look reminds me of my hubby Dan!

This film is steeped in the haunting melodies of Loreena Mckennit, enchanting in its own right, but then when you add the beautiful costuming and scenery, you have a magical film that is perfectly inspiring! 

I want so many of the costumes in this move!  I heard Anjelica Huston got to keep some of hers, I don't blame her one bit. 

Magical Monday Featured Item:

Otherworld from The Hidden Path Oval Tile Wall Hanging

Otherworld wall tile available in our Etsy shop.

The art on this oval tile is from the "Otherworld" card from my oracle deck The Hidden Path.  This piece shows a woman of the fae directing three swans to open the way to the otherworld.  The scene is very magical and reminicent of the Priestess of Avalon parting the mist. 

This beautiful gloss finish ceramic tile is a beautiful decorative piece to hang on your wall. It measures 4" x 6" and has a hanger on the back for easy display. (Hanger styles may vary) The art for this tile was printed right in our studio and heat pressed by hand fusing the ink into the surface of the tile.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My First Celtic Tree Calender Class at Pathways!

We had the first Celtic Tree Calender class at Pathways in St. Louis last night!  I had such a great time with everyone, we all shared stories of our favorite childhood trees, discussed tree magic, lore and mysticism, and learned about the legends and lore of the birch tree and had a very moving birch ritual. It was so wonderful to share this class with such a great group of people, I'm so looking forward to the next one, I'm loving sharing with other tree people and also getting the know them all better!  Jan 31, we go on to the Rowan month at Pathways, really looking forward to it, I love Rowans energy!
Here we are at Pathways after the first class, what fun!

In other tree-related news, apparently my 2  1/2 year old granddaughter Olivia is a chip of the old block as far as trees are concerned.  When my daughter took her holiday tree down, Olivia threw a total fit and cried because she wanted the tree to stay. "Nooooo...Treeeeeee!"  They have since told her that the tree has gone outside to be with the other trees, so now she's happy, and when they drive places she gets excited and points when she sees a pine tree, she must think the tree is now traveling and having adventures out in the world! 

Well, I have art to do today so I'm off to it.  The weather here is really nice, it feels like March out there, so I also plan to carve out an hour or so today to take my Yule tree and decorations down and run them all out to the shed. I better do it before little Olivia gets here this weekend so she doesn't freak out!