Thursday, June 30, 2011

Books, Flying in From Everywhere! Voice of the Trees Update

 Ooooh, look what I have sitting on my old wooden art table today!  I'm jumping up and down like an idiot, and that's how you know it's not just my cats butt planted on my artwork as per usual.
The Voice of the Trees Handbook, my very first book that I wrote right is right in my hot little hands!  Woo-hoo!  This book won't be sold separately, it's the book that will accompany the card deck in the kit, but my lovely editor Becky Zins sent me a few copies hot off the presses so I could see it before the kit is complete.

A FedEx envelope arrived with four books, my print outs of all the cards and illustrations from my original submission and a nice letter from Becky

This book took tons of research, after all, I didn't just make all of this stuff up, I had to use existing historical references for the foundation and then build upon that with my own inspiration.  It was really a joyful task and I loved every minute of it!  In this book you'll learn some of the history behind the Ogham,  notes on the concept behind the deck and the art,  ways in which you can use the oracle cards, tree devotionals and meditation, instructions for making your own crane bag to store the cards in, and a section on Ogham tree magic too.  Of course there is also a section with the divinatory meanings of each card and more information on each tree, card layouts and how to use it as a divination system as well.   I also did the interior illustrations which I really had fun with, and it was so artfully put together by Becky and the Llewellyn team, I'm just floored as I flip through it!

So it's real my friends, very, very real.  Becky tells me to watch for my author copies of the deck coming soon, hopefully by the end of next month, and they'll be available for purchase in stores everywhere September first!  Of course as soon as the store copies arrive I'll post pics so you can see what the finished product will look like.   I'll have them for sale on my website, and I'll be happy to sign your copy if you purchase them from me at no extra change, of course.

My photo on the back by Brittany Sherman
It's been a giddy, silly, happy week for me, lots of fun things on the horizon, seeds that have been planted so long ago growing strong and coming to fruition, and even the opportunity to plant some new seeds that will bring more good things in the future, Gods willing!

To pre-order Voice of the Trees Oracle Click Here!

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  1. Congratulations, my dear! I can't wait to have it in my hot little hands.


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