Friday, July 1, 2011

Fairy Friday: Three Fairy Nice Things, Cake, Greenman CD Cover and a Sketch

Look what I made!

 Oh, it's Friday and I'm feeling very celebratory!  Good things are on the horizon, so what's a gal to do, but make cake!  Not just any cake, but Fairy Cakes, which is just another word for Cupcakes but kinda fancier!  I decided to have some fun without busting my eating for the day, so I did the old trick I learned in Weight Watchers, the diet soda cake.  Garnishing using flowers is back in vogue in culinary circles, so I revisited this old technique just for fun!

Low Fat Fairy Cakes (3 points Weight Watchers Points Plus)

Here's how you make Weight Watchers diet soda cake:
1 cake mix of your choice, not a pudding in the mix cake
1 12 oz can of diet soda of your choice
 Pour the cake mix into a large bowl, pour the diet soda in gingerly, and mix it carefully with a spoon, don't beat it like you normally would when you make a cake, just get the mix moist, some lumps will remain.  Bake according to instructions on the box.  Easy peasy and very low fat!

Here are some ideas for flavor combinations:
Chocolate cake with diet cola or diet cherry cola
carrot cake or spice cake and diet ginger ale
white cake and diet orange (tastes like a dream sickle)
yellow cake and lemon lime soda
red velvet cake and Dr. Pepper

Would you like one?
Well, you get the idea, it's really good.  I love to either eat them plain, or top with fat free whipped cream!  Mmm.  This batch I used devils food cake mix and diet cola and topped with whipped cream and sugared flowers, petals and leaves just for fun.   My childhood friend Lisa taught me how to do that years ago, it's really easy.  You simply brush on a very thin coating of egg white and then pour sugar over them.  Place them on a sheet of waxed paper to dry, it only takes about an hour or so.  Here is a resource for what flowers are edible. Click Here
Sugared flowers and petals and leaves drying on waxed paper, thanks Lisa, I remember the rose petals you used to make!  Yum!
Greenman and the Muse

The Greenman is very much a spirit of the forest, and a kindred of the Fae.
I was contacted recently do do a commission piece for the musicians Greenman and the Muse.  They are very dear people from Indianapolis and very talented too, and they have a new CD that they are working on.  Cernowain Greenman has been using my Greenman piece for quite some time for his profile pic and they wanted me to incorporate it with an image of the earth surrounded by space and shimmering magic.  It was a really fun project, and I'm very happy with how it turned out, I can't wait to see the CD when it's done.  In the meantime, check out their music here!

A Little Fairy Sketch

Here is a little sketch that poured off the tip of my pencil this morning.  I think she's full of joy, I really like her energy.  Perhaps I'll scrapbook her and turn her into an ACEO card and offer it up for sale in our Etsy shop.

Have a wonderful and safe weekend, and happy Fairy Friday!


  1. is so lovely to meet you..I just found your blog..and love your enchanting realm! Beautiful post..gorgeous artwork! It is lovely to meet a kindred in so many ways..shine on..thanks for sharing your magic!
    Have a sparkling day!

  2. Gorgeous cakes, and love the Greenman CD cover work you did.


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