Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Two Blogs in One Day: What's in the Box??

Well, Dears,

It going to take a pretty big event to prompt me to write two blogs in one day!  I was sitting at work creating a nice freebie in Photoshop that I'll be offering to all of my dear Etsy customers very soon when I got a phone call.  It was Dan, and he sounded kind of funny. He ask how I was feeling, how was my day, etc. and I thought...oooo-kayyyy what's wrong.  So I asked in my most unconcerned voice, "What's up?"  His reply, "Weeell, I have two big boxes here from Llewellyn. "  Silence.   Whaaaaa???!!!

So we gabbed excitedly about, "We know what it is, it has to be, oh my Gods, what time are you coming home, I haven't opened it yet, I'll be home soon, We'll wait for you."  Kinda like that.  I finished up the design work, (I'm dedicated to my sweet fans!) then I headed home all a-tither.

I hope the pictures look ok, my hands were shaking like mad, they still are.  Gods, I'm so cool, what a dork!

Two big boxes, big Llewellyn Logo, right there in my living room.

Ahhh...the label, what's it say?  Voice of the Trees, THAT'S what it says....booo-yaaah!

Look at 'em all, exploding right out of the box!

And of course the Cats had to get involved, I think they have given their approval, rubbing all over the carton.

I had to open one of the packs, so you can see how nice it's all packaged up. 
I love, love, love the back of the packaging, it really is lovely!  I couldn't be more delighted!

So, how about that!  I'm so very excited!  We'll be offering them for sale soon on the Voice of the Trees website, you can have it autographed (for no charge of course)  We will be offering some lovely satin drawstring bags to keep the cards in with your choice of Voice of the Trees art on one side and the Fionns Window back design on the other very, very soon, just waiting for our shipment of the blank bags, so watch for that.

hugs, hugs, hugs all around!


Order yours from Voice of the Trees on Etsy, Llewellyn, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon


  1. Good for you Mickie! I'm so excited for you :)...Hopefully in about a year or so I'll be writing a blog about the same thing! Would'nt that be awesome???

  2. Oh how wonderful, Mickie! Getting a box of decks fresh-off-the-presses is one of those peak experiences, don't you think? I hope you relish the moment and celebrate another big accomplishment. I can't wait to get a copy so I can drool over your lovely publication. Congratulations!
    Dynamic Dreamer ~ Art Weaver

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  4. Hi, Mickie! My congratulations! I am in queue to have you pack with your autograph! ;)))))) Thank you for your work!!! Irina from Belarus.

  5. That's soo awesome Mickie! Congrats! Can't wait to get one! :D

  6. Oh thanks fro sharing my excitement everyone! Yes, Lisa, it is really a great feeling, you know it so well! :o) Cori, that would be awesome, I would love to see a deck from you!!

  7. I am sososososo excited!!! Looks absolutely lovely, Mickie! Can't wait :)))))

  8. Oh, great. :{ I pre-ordered mine from amazon.com. No autograph or bag for me. I wonder if I can cancel that order?

  9. You should be beaming with pride! Congrats! :) Can't wait to get my hands on them!

  10. Wooo-hooo! Yes, very excited! I will be offering the bags on Etsy.

  11. Oh, Good, then I can buy a bag from you.

  12. I got a note from amazon.com today that they have shipped my Voice of the Trees. They must have gotten their shipment when you got yours. No more waiting until September!


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