Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Magic of Flags, Blowing Intentions in the Wind

Flags have been used to represent all kinds of ideas through the ages, they have represented who we are, our claims on property, unity of a group of people, sending messages, and even prayers on the wind.  The first flags were used for military purposes to help troops coordinate and later on ships used them to send messages about the ships alliances and other information.  National flags provide a symbol for people to rally behind and a point of pride for the people.  Many flags were created to represent religions.  Flags provide inspiration as the element of air blows over them making them dance with their message in the wind.
Tibetan Prayer Flags at Red Rocks Auditorium in Colorado when I was there in 2009.

Tibetan Prayer Flags are colorful flags strung together or hung as long banners, with Indian Sutras printed on them.  The colors represent the elements because the achievement of health and harmony are the result of finding balance between the elements.  Symbols for transforming bad fortune into good fortune, Buddhist teachings and Mantras of the great Buddhist Bodhisattvas are among the symbolism included on these prayer flags. Mantras and prayers for the good fortune, health and longevity of the person who hangs the flags are often included as well.  These colorful flags can be seen all over India, it is believed that the prayers and mantras are blown on the wind to fill the area with uplifting positive energy.
Flags from both of my Etsy shops flying in the breeze under my oak tree!
In home and garden centers everywhere we see garden flags meant to be hung outdoors as decor and often convey positive messages in addition to beautiful images.  Dan and I actually make a line of garden flags with my magical art on them.  Some are shown here, click here to see more! 
Bring an abundant harvest using flag magic!  Celtic Oak Fairy Flag is available in our Etsy shop

 When hung with blessing intentions, these flags can also be used to bring positive energy into your area and positive vibes to your home, garden, and family.  The idea is that flags are very sensitive to the slightest movement of wind (just try taking a good photo of one LOL) as wind passes over the images and messages on the flags the air becomes blessed and empowered by the images and words and those blessings fill the immediate area and ripple out into the world. 

How Can I Make My Own Flag Magic?

The first step is to browse through flags and find one that speaks to you.  It should be an image and/or message that strikes a cord with the kinds of intentions that you would like to manifest.  You can usually find decorative flags at home and garden centers, Tibetan Prayer Flags and other flags with positive spiritual messages can be found at many New Age/Metaphysical shops or on the Internet and of course be sure to check both of my Etsy shops Mickie Mueller Studio and Voice of the Trees, every piece of art available there can be ordered on a garden flag.  Here's a link to special order garden flags.
Send messages of love on the wind, Mother and Child of the Fae Garden Flag available in our Etsy Shop.
A flag to be used for magical intentions should be hung on an auspicious day, choose a full moon, Sabbat or magical day of the week corresponding to your intention.  A day when the wind is blowing is always good, also a day when the sun is out will help bless your new flag.  Choose a spot where it's not in direct sunlight all day if you want your flag to last longer, and be sure to also choose a spot where the wind will blow across it freely.  If you would like to add a blessing as you hang it you can use the following or make up your own blessing:

"Flag of fabric blowing free,
Sending blessings I decree
Colors bless with love and mirth
Ripple out across the earth."

Our flags resist fading pretty well, I display mine where the sunlight isn't hitting it all day long to help them last.  I've been hanging mine changing with the seasons for a couple of years now and they're holding up quite well. 
Bring magic and the blessings of the Willow Tree, Witch of the Willow flag available in our Etsy shop.

Should your flag ever fade, don't despair; that just means that the elements of sun, wind and rain have brought the blessed images and messages on the flag into an existence as a permanent part of the universe.  It can also mean that the elements have given you an opportunity to seek out a new message that you need blowing through your life!



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