Saturday, July 28, 2012

Listening to Canyon Storm by Gwain Nighthawk with Blake Octavian Blair

I love music!  I really do, and when I'm not watching a magical movie while I work at my old wooden art table I love to have some great tunes playing.  Many people don't know that I spent a great part of my art career creating CD, cassette and stage artwork for St. Louis area bands and local art for national touring rock and metal bands.  Music has always been an important part of my life and my tastes range from crunchy Metal, Ska, Jazz, Classical, New Age, Steampunk, Classic Rock, and one can occasionally catch me getting funky with that 70's groove.  Music speaks to your heart and soul.

One of my favorite new CD's that takes me to that chill place I need to be when I'm writing is Canyon Storm by Gwain Nighthawk with Blake Octavian Blair.  Described as "World Fusion featuring the Native American Flute," this is a CD full of spirit and personally I love listening to it while writing and creating art.  It's so obvious that creating this CD was a labor of love and that comes out in the music. 

Gwain Nighthawk plays a hauntingly beautiful flute, the ethereal melodies transport the listener to a place of harmony and peace.  Gwains partner, Blake Octavian Blair is a Llewewllyn author that you may know from his articles in their popular periodicals and is the percussionist for this venture.  He brings in world instruments to compliment Gwains peaceful flute such as Tibetan bowl, Native American frame drum, Udu, and rainstick.  They also have guests that appear on several of the songs adding new levels to the tunes and melodies.  The production sound is clean sounding, very pure as if you are sitting on a rock in the desert at sundown listening to the music in a ritual.  Sounds of nature have been added with just the right balance so as not to come off over edited but in the perfect balance of man made and nature made music and rhythms blended in a soothing sound scape.

As a Reiki Master, I've noticed that the resonance of the music seems to actually lift the vibrations of the room where it's played, not surprising since both Gwain and Blake are  Reiki practitioners.  Since I first received this CD it has on more than one occasion been salve to heal my spirit and fill my home with vibrations of peace and love.

You can listen to samples to their music on CD Baby, you can also download the MP3 or order a copy of their CD.

Thanks guys for creating many moments of Zen!

Bright Blessings!

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