Thursday, December 8, 2011

Voice of the Trees: Decked Out for the Holidays!

Dan and I have been hard at work in the studio filling orders and adding new items to our Fantasy and Fairy art Etsy shop at

We've Been Stocking Up Our Voice of the Trees Shop Too!
Our brand new holiday decorations, trees for your tree! Click here for more info   

I wanted to take this time to introduce you to our other Etsy shop, The Voice of the Trees Official Shop where you can get beautiful gifts created from the art of "Voice of the Trees, a Celtic Ogham Divination Oracle" including Mugs, Satin Card Bags, Jewelry, Prints etc. handmade right in our studio. You can also get the deck from Llewellyn, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon

Voice of the Trees- A Celtic Divination Oracle

Drawing upon the ancient legends of the Celts and tree lore, I set forth to bring the Ogham teaching into a format for modern practitioners to use in intuitive card readings, meditation and ritual.  Learn more about this unique deck at  The deck is published with Llewellyn and can be purchased on Amazon, in bookstores, or if you want me to sign a copy for you, purchase from from

Magical Art From the Trees

When I created the art for this deck, I used infusions of each tree to combine with the paint, I did this with the magical intention that every copy made from the original would carry the same magical vibration.  That includes the items made in our studio from this magical art.
Magical coffee mugs, this one is perfect for a hazelnut cappuchino to bring you inspiration! Click here for more info

Many of you who already have this deck have told me that you've discovered that when working with this deck you found one or more cards that you have a strong connection to, sometimes it's a favorite tree, a tree energy that you work with often, or even a card the represents something that you want to manifest in your life.  
We have prints of every card, plus the back design (shown here) and the cover art for the Voice of the Trees Companion book.

Focusing on that card is a great way to connect further with the energy, but for those who want more, we offer crystal pendants, oval wall tiles, coffee mugs and even beer steins with your favorite images so that you can bring the tree magic into your everyday life.  
We love these bags for keeping your cards in, custom pressed with your favorite design, the ribbons and beads added by hand. Click here for more info

We also created a line of satin art bags to keep your deck in, and you get to choose your favorite image on the bag, each one is custom made!  
Our glass crystal pendants are a classy way to keep the energy of your favorite Celtic tree with you all day! Click here for more info

When you order from Voice of the Trees Official Shop, if you would like a different image than the one shown on any item, send us a message when you order and let us know which card you would like, ALL of the cards are available on every item. Look through your deck or images in the print gallery (click here) in our shop or on the website and see which one speaks to you, and we'll make you a custom item just for you!
These beer steins are very cool, Dan uses the Alder one for his favorite brew! Click here for more info
Choose from:
Birch • Rowan • Alder • Willow • Ash • Hawthorn • Oak • Holly • Hazel • Apple • Vine • Ivy • Broom/Reed • Blackthorn • Elder • Silverfir/Elm • Gorse • Heather • Aspen • Yew • Grove • Spindle • Gooseberry • Woodbine • Beech • The Ogham Shield (Book Cover)

If you think these gifts in the pictures look cool, just wait until you have your own!
These affordable ceramic tiles look great hanging in your home and bless it with it's good tree vibes! Click here for more info
We are really proud of the high quality gifts that we've been able to make available for you from this unique magical art.  We hope that you enjoy browsing through them, and remember, we can put any card image you wish on any item that you see in the shop, so don't hesitate to send us a convo and ask if you don't see what you're looking for.    Also keep in mind that if you find something you want to give as a gift, in order to get your order by Christmas, place your order by Dec. 19 if you're in the continental U.S. and by Dec. 15 for international orders.
If you like the look of this compact, you should see it in person!  Choose the art that speaks to you. Click here for more info
We'll be adding more items over the next several days, be sure to watch for them!

Brightest Blessings!

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