Thursday, December 1, 2011

Manly Steins Made With a Bolt and Wrench!

We have a cool new item that we're making in the studio (and the kitchen) These ceramic beer steins are a real favorite among beer enthusiasts.  These German style Steins have the look and feel of a stein from the old country. These steins are white ceramic with gold trim, and dishwasher safe, but shouldn't go in the microwave due to the gold trim.

We've made a few of these for friends and every dude that's received one says it's his favorite drinking vessel!

While we were pressing the images on some steins to put in our Etsy shop for the holiday shoppers, we thought you might like to see the process, it's pretty cool.  Most of our dye sublimation products are made on heat presses in our studio, but the shape of the steins require a slightly different technique.

Mickie has created designs from her art using Photoshop Elements, we print the design backwards on "Frankenprinter" our special printer we use for our dye sublimation, it uses dyes that can bond with the ceramics.  We also use a stein from one of our dye sub suppliers that's been coated to accept the dye. 
The design is positioned on the stein.
Next Dan puts on the oven wrap.  He has to tighten it up with a wrench to make sure there is sufficient pressure to transfer the design.

The stein is paced in a 400 degree oven.

When it comes out, that bad boy is hot!  Dan has to move it quickly to a work surface because the heat goes through the O've Glove quickly!

He carefully removes the oven, hot... and then the paper revealing the design on the stein.

It's like magic every time!

The stein is submerged in a tub of water to cool.

It's done and ready to hold your icy cold brew, mead or beverage of your choice!

 We thought you might enjoy seeing how we make them, they are really great to own, and even cooler when you see the process.



  1. Wonderful!

    That is amazingly beautiful! :)

    Tricia Danby

  2. Hi there dear! I'm so happy you liked it! :o)


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