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Celtic Tree Calender Classes, Starting in January!

Celtic Tree Calendar Class:

The first class will be at Pathways in St. Louis Jan 3

Start off 2012 following the Celtic Tree Calendar! I'm starting a series of classes in January, Celtic Tree Lunar Calendar, 13 Classes Held throughout the year near the First Quarter Moon; $30/class 7 – 9 pm; Tues, Jan 3: will be the Birch Moon Beth (beeth); Tues, Jan 31: Rowan Moon Luis (lweesh)

I'll be offering these classes in person at Pathways in St. Louis, ,  also, watch for an online version for all you fellow Tree Mystics that don't live nearby coming later in January.  I'll post more info right here at The Old Wooden Art Table.
"A Birch Grove" By Arkhip Kuindzhi, 1880
Working with the Celtic tree calendar is a very peaceful and magical way to align with natural energies of the earth and specifically trees.  My approach to the Celtic Tree Calendar as a working model for a year of magic is based upon the tree calendar as it was first suggested by Robert Graves as a modern inspiration based upon the ancient trees. While the idea of the Celtic Tree Calendar cannot be claimed as historical, it has much spiritual relevance for many people working within modern magical practices. Tree magic can help you find balance in your life and you will also find that working magically with trees is like working with herbs but on a different level.  These great sentinels of the earth are great magical allies to have and as you progress through this class, you’ll find that trees have magical messages that come from both general tree teachings that are the lessons that all trees have to share, but also the specific lessons of each species of tree as well. You’ll learn about the 13 trees of the Celtic Tree Calendar, the lessons they have to teach you about each tree and through this class you’ll also learn a bit about yourself.  You’ll find the Celtic Tree Calendar a great basis for full moon rituals, since it’s a lunar calendar.  Through this class I will teach you ways to connect to the Celtic Trees and to your own personal Tree Ally / World Tree to gain insight, wisdom, healing, balance, and a positive outlook on your life and the world around you.

Birch card from Voice of the Trees, A Celtic Divination Oracle by Mickie Mueller, Deck available at Voice of the Trees website click here, This print is available in the official Voice of the Trees gift shop click here

This series will include a two hour class to correspond with each of the Celtic Tree months; beautiful illustrated handouts included and a group ritual for each tree at the end of each class. The series of 13 classes will be offered throughout 2012, on a Tuesday near the first quarter of the moon, giving you the opportunity to work with the material on your own for each upcoming full moon. $30/ class, please reserve in advance. Seating is limited.

Celtic Tree Year:

Beth (beeth)  / Birch Moon Dec 24-Jan 20

Luis(lweesh)  / Rowan Moon Jan 21-Feb.17

Nuin (nee-uhn) /Ash Moon Feb 18-March 17

Fearn(fair-n)  / Alder Moon March 18- April 14

Saille(shail-uh)  / Willow Moon  April 15-May 12

Huath(hoo-ah)  / Hawthorn Moon  May 13-June 9

Duir doo-er) /Oak Moon  June 10-July 7

Tinne(chin-yuh)  / Holly  Moon  July 8-Aug 4

Coll (cull) / Hazel Moon  Aug 5-Sept.1

Muin(muhn)  / Vine Moon  Sept 2-Sept. 29

Gort / Ivy Moon Sept 30- Oct. 27

Ngtal (nyeh-dl / Broom/ Reed Moon Oct. 28- Nov. 24

Ruis(roo-ish) / Elder Moon Nov.25- Dec.22

"At the Edge of a Birch Grove" by Valaam-1860  



  1. Sounds like an amazing course. Will eagerly await an online version!

  2. It's going to be a fun series, so many of us love that good tree energy, this course will awaken the Tree Mystic in you!

  3. Beautiful material Mickie; looks like an inspiring course. Would love to be closer to attend in person but maybe I'll check out the online version.
    Steve~Leo xx /|\


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