Thursday, October 13, 2011

Beautiful Things From Afar

Running a home business and Etsy shop, we have a lot of mail going out every week.  But this week I got a taste of being on the receiving end of beautiful things coming in the mail! 

Owl Post art by  Mary GrandPré

The first of these magical packages came from a dear friend of mine that sent me some very cool treasures from the across the pond!  I was totally delighted to discover an envelope with a small chalk stone from Uffington, (I work a lot with Rhiannon) a little soil from Glastonberry Tor, and a vial of White Well and Red Chalice Well Essence that she made!  I put a few drops on my hurt foot.  I put the soil in a pretty jar I had and made a label for it, yes, I'm a dork.  But I was absolutely giddy at the unexpected thoughtfulness and I'll treasure each item always!
Pretties gathered in the U.K. by my dear friend!
Then- I got another unexpected envelope in the mail!  This time it was from a woman who had ordered a deck from me, she live in Albuquerque, where I grew up.  There was a hand made card with a photo of the Sandia Crest, the mountains that you can see from anywhere in the city.  I felt a little lost when I moved to the Midwest with no mountain to watch over me.  Seeing it just brought back a huge whoosh of memories having grown up seeing it every day.  I'm framing it and hanging it over my art table so she can watch over me again. :o)
Oh look, my old mountains!
She also included a little rock from the Sandias, what a treasure, and included a leaf from a cottonwood tree, the fae tree of the Southwest!
This little rock from the Sandias will have to go somewhere very special!
This great gal also makes these gorgeous journals which she sells on Etsy, it's a beautiful supple leather cover, and you can change out the blank book inside so you'll always have it even if you fill it up.  So clever!  I'm loving this, it's so beautiful, the one she sent me is a pretty shade of leafy green, I'm going to use it for a sketchbook.  Here's a link to her shop if you want to see more of her pretties! Magical Intentions I hope my travels bring me back to Albuquerque someday, I would love to meet up with my dear old friends, new friends and see the mountain again!
This leather book is simply delightful!

Last but not least, yesterday the print I ordered from Colorado inspirational fairy artist Lisa Steinke arrived.  When I first saw it online, I just had to have it, I thought the art was beautiful, and I love the message and decided that I would like to see it every day.  This is a gorgeous print, even better in person.  I need to pick up a frame and decide where to hang it now.
Lisa Steinke has lots of gorgeous inspirational prints check out her websites and 
Sometimes it's the little things in life that can just brighten your outlook, a beautiful sunset, a thoughtful word, or just knowing that someone out there "gets" you.  Who knew I would find so much magic in my mail box this week!  Well, the weekend's almost here and I'm sure I'll be mailing out some more of my own magic soon!


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  1. Such wonderful treasures you have recieved in the mail. Love the things from Chalice Well, I work a lot with Morgan le Fay.

    Enjoy your treasures.
    Blessings, V.


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