Friday, October 14, 2011

Fairy Friday: Sacred Source Oak Fairy Prosperity Wall Plaque

What a happy Fairy Friday!  I've been sitting on a really cool project that is now beginning to manifest!  Sacred Source is producing four new Celtic Fairy wall plaques based upon my Celtic Tree Fairy series!

Limited Edition Oak Tree Fairy -- Blessings of Prosperity and Growth
Sacred Source's excellent artisans did a great job of reproducing my art as this lovely wall plaque.  These plaques are full of magic, and I have personally sent magical energy to charge each one of these special limited edition Oak Fairy collectible plaques with energies of prosperity and abundance.
Click here for more details from Sacred Source 

The graceful Oak Tree Fairy rests sheltered in the arms of the mighty oak, cradling the acorn of new life, her wings dappled with sunlight. She offers the ever-present magic of solid strength, dependable century-long growth, and the promise of new opportunity ready to burst into life.

Each 9" x 12" resin plaque is hand painted by the master artists of Sacred Source faithfully reproducing my art, and each limited edition piece is numbered to enhance their value.  The Oak Fairy was the first design to be released, but all four will be coming, so you can collect them all.  They are great for bringing fairy magic into your home and can be used in your fairy spells as well.  The series will have fairies for prosperity, love, healing, and protection, that's a lot of fairy magic!

In Other Fairy News, A Short Enchanted Nature Walk:

We are working on packing up the office where I work for my day job, the boss is moving to a different location and I'll be working part time from home and being a full time Professional Bohemian making more beautiful art for all of you dears, writing, offering readings, and classes both in person and online.
This gorgeous bridge is across the parking lot in the golf course.  We get Canada geese, cranes and egrets out there, so pretty!
Yesterday after everyone had left and I was getting ready to head out myself, The fairies that live in the little stand of trees at the back of the parking lot called to me, "Mickie, come and walk a bit, come and play."
Praying mantis on a pin oak branch
What's a witch to do?  I followed of course, but not before grabbing my handy camera to see what treasures my fae friends had for me on this Autumn afternoon.

Not being ready to traipse through the woods quite yet with my slightly gimpy foot, this was the perfect, non-challenging nature walk my soul needed.
There are so many mushrooms, soon it may be a ring!

I found mushrooms growing, all fall and winter the birds will enjoy the ripe berries that swell where honeysuckle flowers once bloomed, leaves donning a fresh coat of Autumn color.

I decided as I walked along, that even after I'm not working in this building, I will have to come back for the occasional visit, it's so pretty, and I'll miss this gorgeous view out my window.

Birch, for new beginnings.

Ornamental Crab-apple Tree with the pond in the distance.

I hope you can go out for a Autumn walk, even a short one and see what secrets you'll find!


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  1. You must really be giving off some magickal vibes to attract all these Praying Mantises, Mickie.

    Blessings and luck with your new job circumstances; anytime mundane work can be shed for the magickal is a WONDERFUL thing!


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