Monday, October 24, 2011

Attention Shop Owners: A Contest to Win Voice of the Trees Merchandise!

All across this country there are tons of brick and mortar independent metaphysical bookstores that are havens to all of the seekers out there on their paths.  They offer books, candles, incense and other supplies, but they also offer an opportunity to learn and grow, and fellowship.  I know, my husband and I used to run a little shop too.  We know that some extra merchandise and some really cool store displays can really help sales especially when the economy is a challenging one.

With the holiday shopping season just about to commence, we wanted to offer all those great bookstores that support their communities an opportunity to win a box full of our beautiful new Voice of the Trees merchandise! (a $436. 00 retail value)  All it takes to enter is the Voice of the Trees deck you probably already have in your shop to sell, some imagination, and a camera.  If you haven't gotten your copies of Voice of the Trees for your shop yet, there's still time so don't wait.  The contest starts today (Oct. 24, 2011) and we will accept entries until Nov. 23 2011, the winner will be announced on Nov. 28 2011.
Could all this good free loot be in your shop? Scroll down to get a closer look at all of these great items.

The Prize:  This beautiful merchandise is made right in our studio using printing and/or dye sublimation, your customers will love these items!  Sell them in your shop, give them as gifts or keep them, whatever you wish!

4 15 oz ceramic Coffee Mugs, microwavable and dishwasher safe
4 crystal glass pendants
4 ceramic 4 x 6 oval wall tiles
4  8 1/2 x 11 prints
8 satin art bags (a perfect compliment to Voice of the Trees deck)

The challenge: Create an eye catching store display featuring Voice of the Trees: A Celtic Divination Oracle by Mickie Mueller.  You can set it up in the window or anywhere in the store you want.  Get creative, use leaves, silk plants or trees, wooden wands or bowls, add other Celtic merchandise, candles, lights, etc.  Make it eye catching and show stopping.  Take a really clear photo of your efforts, if you need to show it from more than one angle, you can send up to three photos to show different angles or details.  Email your photos to along with the name and address of your shop, so we can ship your merchandise if your display is chosen as the winner.  Be sure to put "Voice of the Trees" in the subject line to avoid spam filters.

The Rules:  This contest is open to all "brick and morter" New Age/Metaphysical book shops, individuals may not enter this one, only retail shop owners with a wholesale license, if you don't fall into this catagory, don't worry, there will be more contests in the future.  Only 1 entry per shop.  Email up to 3 photos of your store display (which must be set up in your shop)  featuring Voice of the Trees: A Celtic Ogham Oracle to including a photo of the front of your store and your stores mailing information.  Entries must be recieved by Nov. 23. 
The displays will be judged on creativity, visual appeal, customer appeal and the best presentation of the Voice of the Trees deck.  The photos will be judged blind (the judge won't know which shop entered which display) the judge is president of a Point of Purchase display company who has worked with major corporations and created nationwide programs.  Your display should be in the shop until the end of the contest to win.  The winner will be announced Nov. 28, prize to be shipped immediately to dazzle your December shoppers, so again- be sure to include your address when you enter for fast processing!  Remember, get your entry photos to us on or before the Nov. 23 cut off!

All the store owners that enter will have an opportunity to get their creative juices flowing and create awesome displays that will boost their sales this holiday while making an even more exiting shopping experience for their customers, and one lucky winner will get a box full of great free merchandise! Scroll down to see the items closer.

Everything you see is packed in the box and ready to go to the lucky winner's shop, they are all made by the Mickie Mueller team right in our studio!
These 15 oz ceramic mugs are gorgeous, full color designs all around and are microwave and dishwasher safe.  Included are Ivy, Hazel, Grove, and Willow mugs.  Each mug shows the meaning of the card as well as a quote from the companion book for that card.  (inset)
4 x 6 ceramic oval tiles are very popular items for us especially when people see them in person at festivals .  Each one has a hanger on the back and they look great hanging on the wall or on a small easel.  Included are Alder, Oak, Fionns Window (card back) and Ogham Shield (Companion book cover)

These satin bags are aprox 5x7, the Voice of the Trees cards fit in them nicely, we've sold many of them along with decks.  One side has one of the more popular card images,  clockwise from the left: Grove, Alder, Hazel, Willow, Oak, Ivy, Holly, and Yew, the other side has the "Fionns Window" card back design. (inset) Satin drawstrings and beautiful glass beads complete these beautiful bags.  

These crystal clear glass pendants sparkle with light.  they are 1 inch x 1 1/2 inch and are 1/4 inch thick.  These are made in our studio using dye sublimation, they are not paper glued on glass, through our process the art becomes  part of the glass.   These come in kraft boxes with white padded insert as shown, ready to display.

These 8 1/2 x 11 size prints are always a good seller for us, we've included a selection of four of our more popular designs, Fionns Window, Oak, Ogham Shield and Willow.  Each one is packaged in a crystal clear acid free bag with a sturdy baking boadr for easy display.

Good luck, we look forward to seeing your stores entry!


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  1. Those mugs look scrumptious as does all your packaging. Love it!


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