Monday, November 10, 2014

Second Halloween and The Barely Haunted Hayride

On the night of Halloween/Samhain, by daughter Brittany of Va-Voom Vintage called me to tell me that her little kiddos told her that they wanted to come over to trick or treat at my house in the country.  They remembered the fun time we had here on the Spring Equinox riding around in the tractor hunting eggs, so we devised the "Barely Haunted Hayride." It was a Halloween Redoux weekend!
Rhys didn't lick his fingers one time, which must have been hard for his little three year old candy loving heart.  As a reward I gave him the icing spatula when we were done.  I love that expression, pure bliss! That's his momma Brittany working on her Va-Voom Vintage blog and laughing at our silliness.

The first night they arrived, we had to make cupcakes!  Olivia helped me with the baking, she's a very good baker, she cracked the eggs, poured all the ingredients, and did the mixing.  My mom picked up a bunch of cool decorations half off, so I washed their little mitts and set them all up.  I iced and then passed them on to the kids to decorate.  We don't believe in coloring inside the lines, so I told them they didn't have to make it look like the box, just be creative and have fun...and no licking you fingers until we're all done! 
My little baker, the cutest little witch ever!

I left up all my Halloween/Samhain decor for the kids, I think it made the weekend more fun.
They were pretty proud of their creations.

The next day, we did the "Barely Haunted Hayride!" Rhys doesn't wear regular clothes very often these days, he's usually in either his Spider-Man or Superman costume.  For the hayride, he chose Superman, kid's pretty buff, eh?  Olivia forgot her costume, but my teenage son's girlfriend gave her a funny pink hat with ears and a face, and then she wore my feathered witch hat over that, cute as a button!

So here's how trick or treating goes at my house.  We live on a rural highway, so there is no way any trick or treaters come to my house.  Mom, Brittany, and I walked the mowed path around the field and created several "stops."  I saved the jack-o-lanterns from Halloween night, and we used them, little ghosts, and other odds and ends to decorate the stops. We also left little bags at the stops, one for each kid, filled with pre-packaged Halloween pretzels, cheese balls, (like Cheetos) a couple little dollar store toys, and some candy.  We didn't want it to be all candy, and they got some really cool stuff. The cheese balls were a big hit, I'll do those again for sure.

Grandpa Dan put them in the wagon and hooked it up to the yard tractor and drove them all around the circuit, every time they would see a stop ahead, they would yell, "Oh, stop, stop, we see something!" And he would do a whole routine, "Are you sure, should I stop here...or should I keep going?" LOL

They the little ones climbed out and grabbed their loot.  Finger traps, glow in the dark tattoos, bubbles, stuffed orangutans, and Reese's Pieces, what a fun time!

My Little Pony figures awaited them at the last stop. Rhy's favorite is Rainbow Dash, if anyone ever saw this kid run, they would understand why, Rainbow dash is the fastest, and so is Rhys!

But even the quickest has to slow down sometime,  Poor little guy totally crashed in the car on the way home with his Spider-Man costume on, and his "Teddy Monkey" he got while trick or treating. I wonder if he was dreaming about the Barely Haunted Hayride?

And me? Did I run around the house cleaning up candy wrappers and wiping off sticky fingerprints on Sunday as they were on their way home?  Oh, hell no! Frozen pizza in bed, Farscape, and pajamas were the only things on the schedule that evening.

And that's how you do Second Halloween.



  1. Soo creative and a wonderful way to make Halloween about the season/fun instead of al about the candy! BRAVO!!

    1. Yeah, the dollar store stuff was a big hit, a little candy is ok, but we didn't want them too wired! LOL Robin, when you come to visit we'll have Dan ride us around on the cart!

  2. So much fun! I enjoyed reading this blog and imagining all the fun, their faces and laghter of the kids while riding and stoping to get their bags of goodies.
    I can't wait for next year's Halloween/Samhain blog of trick or treading in the house "in the country"
    Fun, fun, fun!


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