Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Moroccan Jar Lanterns and the Impending Halloween 2

It's been over a year since a moved into our country home of Aelfheim and while many things are organized and set up how we want them, many still are not. Our bedroom, while the furniture is set up, there is really not much decor going on in there. The walls need to be painted, (80's  pink and blue wall paper) many of our pretties need to be unpacked, and it's really not got much style.  I've decided, and Dan is going along with the idea, that I'm inspired by a romantic Middle Eastern eclectic decor for our bedroom. I've found a really cool comforter online, but once it arrived, it's not quite the right shade of blue, I want to brighten it up, so before I move forward, I'm going to over-dye it, I want to see what shade it will be when I'm done before I choose paint or other accessories.  More on that next week.
Two spaghetti sauce jars and a pickle jar, getting all fancy!

I love those cool Moroccan lanterns, and I've been eyeing some, but I'm on a tight budget. I saw these cool jar DIY versions online, so I decided to give it a try. I traced the designs using a crayon onto a few jars, then used Tulip gold dimensional paint to pipe the designs onto the jars.  I found some colored paint made just for tinting jars made by Mod Podge, and I think they turned out pretty cool! I'll add some electric votives with timers and these will look cool on the low dresser where our TV is.s
I've got to fix the blue one a bit at the top. The blue paint had dried out a bit and I had to add some water, so the consistency was a little off. Overall, I think they turned out pretty cool, I think I'll start saving jars and make more.

In other news, Samhain came and went. We had teenagers here for Halloween, it was a great time, tons of treats, deli sandwiches, and mom made meatball soup with "creepy pasta" you know, that Halloween pasta shaped like bats and pumpkins. Anyway, lots of fun, everyone had a great time!

But all my Halloween stuff is still up! Why? Well, on Halloween while my little grands were trick or treating with their parents, little Olivia said, " We want to trick or treat in Me-Maws field!" They remembered the egg hunt we did for the spring equinox when Dan pulled them in a wagon with the yard tractor in the field, and they found eggs and candy.  So next weekend we'll have a "barely haunted hayride" in the field for the little ones, with stops for them to jump out of the wagon and get treats and toys. So we're having "Second Halloween" just for them!

I even have a couple more pumpkins to carve!

This week my mom and I gathered the last of the herbs and I hung mine in the kitchen window to dry. It smells wonderful when I stand at the sink.

Summers end is here, watching the leaves as they fall from the trees, reminding us that letting to can be beautiful. 

Brightest Blessings!


  1. Your blog is almost as beautiful as you. Love love love the jars!

  2. So pretty - I love how you have decorated! Sometimes I wish we had an old place with character to make our own but I'm really excited for Bill to finish our place too. I sat upstairs on Monday and Tuesday and dreamed. I have the furniture all arranged and the cabinents stocked and... well, you know how it is. :)

    I like the lanterns too - may hvae to try that myself. Blessings!

    1. Jily-Bear, it's been a long road and we're not done yet! I bet your place will be really cute, you have such good taste! :) I do know how it is, I still have boxes to unpack and it's been over a year, how about you?

  3. Those jars are a great idea!
    I definitely approve of a "second Halloween". Have fun!

    1. Thanks Tilda! I'll be sure to post photos of the kidos having fun!


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