Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Balance the Elements With Magical Yard Decorations That Don't Wilt

Crystals in my little herb garden by the front door.
Man, has it been a HOT one this year in the Midwest, we've had record highs in all 50 states in the month of July!  All of my plans for a gorgeous garden went asunder, many of my plants even when watered can't make it in this heat.  But that's ok, it's to darned hot to go outside to enjoy them even if they hadn't croaked.

But you know, I try to be a glass half full kind of gal, so in that spirit, I began to think about the pretties outside that still looked good in my magical garden.  Sure the garden does still have some life in it yet, but there are the accessories, the baubles and bangles that can make a garden fun.  It's kind of like jewelry for your yard, and me?  I love jewelry!  They all represent the elements and can become the magical jewelry of your garden space whether you have a big yard or a small balcony, it's easy to work the elements into your outdoor space.

Garden Flags (element of air)
It seems a little cooler when you have proof that the air is actually moving when you gaze out your window.  A bright garden flag is the perfect way to brighten up your yard, and they look good no matter the weather.  I even hang one out in the winter, I love to change my flag with the seasons.  I keep mine under the oak tree, keeping them out of direct sunlight helps to make them last longer.
This is the flag that's gracing my front yard right now, we make these ourselves right in my studio!  Many designs are available in our Etsy shop.
Solar Lights (element of fire)
It's an easy way to make your yard look pretty in day or night.  Many of them come in bright colors so they look great all the time.  Solar lights are very magical because they aren't just a candle lit with a lighter or a match, they harness the power of the sun himself!  Plus, they are so much easier than the old lights with wires, all you have to do is stick these in the ground or even in a pot, as long as it gets sunlight all day, you'll have a pretty glow in the evening.  Getting enough sun this year?  Not a problem!

Bird Bath (element of water)
If you want to keep birds in your yard to munch up the pests, this is a must.  They have concrete, plastic, even glass birdbaths, some just use a pretty bowl or dish.  It's an inexpensive way to add a healing element of water to your yard and it's loads of fun to watch the birds splash around in appreciation.  They really need it this time of year, puddles are hard to come by.  Have you ever seen them pant, with their little beaks open, looking all pathetic?  It's just wrong, so keep plenty of fresh water in your bird bath.
This Celtic knot birdbath was a gift from my kids one year, I love it, and so do the birds!
Statuary (element of earth)
It can be a graceful fairy, a tenacious toad, clever garden gnome, or a protective gargoyle, these denizens of the garden never wilt, run off or dig through your trash.  Well, the gnomes run off occasionally, but at least they send pictures!   Statuary is a really fun way to express your personality in your gardening, and you can enchant them to watch over things for you.  I love the Goddess statue I found years ago, she watches over my house and garden.  Many people have contacted me to tell me that they use my Triple Goddess statue (from Sacred Source) in their gardens in the summertime, very nice peeking out amongst the leaves and flowers.  I would keep her out of direct sunlight and bring her in in the winter, or better yet, use the bronze.
I don't keep this one outside, but I do bring it out on special occasions.  I designed this statue and they are made by the good folks at Sacred Source, click here to see more.
Party Lights (element of fire)
Light up the night as these summertime lights twinkle and shine long after the fireflies have gone.  They used to be glorified holiday lights, in fact, before they became all the rage, that's what we used for summer parties.  Now there are a variety of fancy lights, we got some cool paper lantern covered ones for Dans Roman themed birthday party a couple of years ago, but that's another story! Strung from the deck or draped in a tree, they make summer evenings seem a little more enchanted, don't they?
Light up the night!

Natural Stones (element of earth)
I keep several crystal clusters near the front door, they halt negativity in it's tracks and they are naturally cleansed every time it rains or storms.  I have many interesting stones throughout the yard, and the nice thing is, you don't have to put them away for the winter.  I even have a stone with a natural cup I use for leaving an offering of wine or mead for my fairy friends.  One of the best Mothers Day presents I ever got was a box of rocks, man, I'm easy!
My offering stone, it sits under my oak tree.
Bird Feeders (element of air)
Another great way to keep birds in your yard of course is the handy bird feeder.  Some are decorative, some more utilitarian, seed feeders or hummingbird or oriole feeders, whatever you choose, they bring life into your garden when the summer heat takes the life out of it.  I love to keep a finch feeder, we have lots of gold finches in our neighborhood.  We place ours within view of the window so that we can watch them from air conditioned comfort.  It's also in view of our cats, they are indoor kitties, but the love to watch the birds, and we love to watch them watch the birds!
I haven't gotten one good hummingbird picture at my house this year, our window is great for watching them, but my cats are always in the way of my pics.  These are hummingbirds at my moms country house.
A Quiet Place to Sit (element of spirit)
While it's been way too hot during the day, it's nice to sit outside in the evening when it's a cool 90 degrees and sip a mojito or margarita with someone special or conjure up some night time magic on your own.  This simple little wire set has served us well and weathers the storms great.  It's been to hazy not much star gazing to do, but that's ok, fall will come, I promise!
A pleasant Lammas evening just before sunset on my front porch.
A toast to you my friends, join me and sit for a spell.
So there are some ideas for adding the magic of the elements to your garden, and only the birdbath needs to be watered.  Soon things will cool off and I'm really looking forward to spending some time enjoying the garden other than the mad evening dash to water everything as quickly as possible and get back in where it's cool!  Happy summer!


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  1. You have some lovely images in your blog and on your little wooden table.

    I cannot imagine 50 degrees, I am sure that would fry an egg!

    Your garden looks very green and inspiring despite the heat.


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