Friday, February 11, 2011

Voice of the Trees: Update!

Well, dear readers, I'm happy to report that shortly after I shipped off the black and white interior illustrations for my upcoming Voice of the Trees deck, I got an email from the head of
the art department at Llewellyn with an attachment of the cover art for me to approve! The art department has used the art from the Willow card and created a lovely decorative border, it's parchment looking gold tones with a delicate leafy pattern with jewel like adornments! The lettering couldn't be any more perfect, I really love the job they did on it! I'm sorry to say that I'm not allowed to show it to you yet, top secret stuff ya know! But you'll see it soon enough. As soon as it's officially ready to be seen, you'll be the first to see it right here!

The images here on this blog post are not the actual cover art, but they do remind me of it!

This is just my little Photoshop mock up of the cover, not the fabulous Llewellyn version, but this art from the willow card is used!
Well, over the weekend, my friends at the art department blew me away yet again, and I saw an example of what the cards themselves will look like. Again, they have placed my artwork in a beautiful border with beautiful text. The card borders were inspired by the cover design, so this will be a really nice presentation. I couldn't be happier! Seeing the lovely work they've done so far makes it all seem more "real."

Don't forget, Sept. 2011 it hits bookstore everywhere!


  1. Congratulations, the art work is awesome! A terrific design. So looking forward to seeing the finished design.


  2. Soooo flippin' fabulous!!! I am so glad I found you! You are such an inspiration and spirit sister for sure! looking forward to your deck!
    Blessed Be


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