Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lady of the Forest: A Work in Progress

So here's what's on my old wooden art table right now. The Enchanted Visions Projects theme for the month of January was Lady of the Forest, but of course January had me dealing with glasses and deadlines, so I didn't get to begin on it until the bitter end of the month, and was it ever bitter. We were snowed in most of last week, which had me working spreadsheets from home for my day job, and catching up on as much other things as I could "after hours." Near the end of last week, I decided that a new color piece was just what I needed to get my spirit soaring again. I decided to make an attempt on the Enchanted Visions theme which was actually due on the 4th of Feb. I loved the theme as soon as I saw it, and really hoped to get to it.

The reference photo is actually one of my oldest daughter Brittany's senior portraits that I took years ago. I did both of my daughters senior portraits and some of their friends as well, why spend the money on a photographer if you are a capable photographer yourself? I immediately thought of that photo shoot when I received this theme, Brittany had made a lovely green dress that was based on one that Arwen wore in Fellowship of the Ring and we had taken all these lovely dramatic photos of her in it. I loved her expression in this pic, and decided it was perfect for Lady of the Forest.

I didn't make the deadline for submission to Enchanted Visions, but I will end up submitting it anyway at a later date, I would rather make it perfect than rush through it. Anyway, I have the dress to finish, and then pick at, and lots of detail needs to be added to the background. I hope you like seeing this work in progress!
I'm clearing this off my art table shortly, as I have two Voice of the Trees oracle readings to do today. I won't be posting card readings on the Etsy store for about a month or so, as I just got reference photos for another book illustration project for Llewellyn, and that will have priority on the old wooden art table for the next month or so.


  1. She is gorgeous. (Both your daughter, and the Lady of the Forest!)

    Sounds like you are super busy. Don't forget to take some time out for yourself!

  2. Rue, thanks so much, and yes, that is a super good idea! I'm going to try to do that a bit tomorrow, it's my birthday and my lovely boss gave me the day off! yippeee!

  3. Such pretty, wonderful, wondrous things you paint :)


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