Friday, January 28, 2011

A Misty Magical Morning

On my way to work this morning, I was looking out on the snow covered fields. We have some open fields as well as some corn fields nearby that I pass every day. This morning, was especially amazing, the snow has been melting and was evaperating in the morning air, I noticed a low mist on the fields this morning, huging the snow covered ground. I thought, "I should stop and take a picture, it looks so cool." but sometimes what you see in real life doesn't register on the camera, and I suspected from experience that the low mist wouldn't show up. Plus the road has lots of turns and I was nervous that if I pulled off the road, someone might not see me and smack into me.

Then I turned onto the main road in front of my office building...

What I saw was amazing. The mist wasn't on the ground here, but was a separate layer, a ribbon of mist hovering probably 10 feet above the empty field. It was clearly visible silloueted against the dark trees in the distance. This is a busier road, but pretty straight and has a good shoulder. So I pulled off with my hazards on, and grabbed my ever present camera from my purse and snapped off a couple of photos.

The ribbon of mist tickled the trees beyond as it stretched into the distance where it met the rising land.

The sun warmed the land transforming the solid frozen snow into a vapor that clothed the distant trees in gossomer finery. The dormant flora stirred, then returned to dreams of the coming spring.

A hush was on the morning fields as the elves and faerie folk silently danced a slow dance across the land reminding the roots of the forest that they soon may wake, send lifeforce back into their limbs and come out to play.

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