Sunday, December 14, 2014

Pre-Winter Solstice Nature Walk

Dan made a proposal today..."Walk with me outside, let's see what we find."  How could I resist?!  We've been discussing a project that will probably happen as I get further along on my current publishing deadlines, but we need to start gathering bits and bobs from nature to make some new, special, one-of-a-kind creations that we hope to start on in the spring.  So we grabbed the compost to take out, a collection basket, put on jackets, and headed out.

So we ventured out to walk the enchanted grounds of Aelfheim, our home in the woods. At first glance, it seems as if the land is barren,  the ground is strewn with fallen leaves, the trees are bare.
Some of the oak saplings still have their leaves, the sunlight shining through them looks like stained glass.

We found deer tracks everywhere, they are actually coming much closer to the house than we knew. 

Wild rose hips were plenty in the meadow, we have lots of wild roses growing everywhere.  They look quite festive, many of the other wildflowers that have gone to seed look like puffy snow, a pretty effect.

A big hawk flying over got Dan's attention, he's always on the lookout for them.

Even in December, we saw signs of life, a little frog hopped across our path, I told him, "Go hibernate silly froggie, cold weather's coming!" We also saw a honey bee, woolly worms, and a tiny spider on this lone blooming dandelion. 

My basket was filling up by the time we passed by the elder grove.

This is some of the prettiest moss, it's colors seem very Winter Solstice to me.  I think this is where the faeries must meet, on a stump near a grove of oak, persimmon, and juniper.  

My basket is full of some great finds! A turkey feather, many other feathers too, seed heads, berries, wild rose hips, acorns, we even found what we think is the jawbone of a fox, more research and we'll know what it is for sure.  The land rendered forth many treasures. 

Even though it's so close to the Winter Solstice, the weather warmed up more and more while we were out. Dan ended up with his coat tied around his waist, and I tied my hair back, it's actually 66 degrees Fahrenheit right now.  It couldn't have been a better day to get out of the house.  Now I feel refreshed, inspired, and ready to work on some of my illustration projects and writing on my new book as well!

What signs of life are you still seeing near your house?

Blessed Be!


  1. Oh I miss my woods! I've not been down to the country for several weeks as Bill has been coming up here. Next weekend though - I will get going down on Thursday night so hopefully, I'll get a change to walk in the woods on Friday. :)

    1. I look at it out the window all day, but sometimes it's really good to just slow down and go explore, I'm so glad we did!


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