Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Parcel Full of Mystical Cats!

All those years ago when I began working with amazing visionary author Lunaea Weatherstone on Mystical Cats Tarot, I made a big binder, like I do for all my big illustration jobs. I keep notes from phone conversations, reference photos, sketches, basically anything to do with the project is kept in this big binder so I can always find it. I also always decorate it so that it's easy to find the right one, and for fun and manifestation. Who would have thought all those years ago, I would have nailed which card Llewellyn would choose for the cover of the box...

It's the coolest feeling in the world when you get that finished product in your hands! FedEx pulled up in my driveway this morning and I ran out to greet the dude because I knew that my wonderful editor Becky Zins was sending a couple of the finished kits.  I'm a dork, but I can't help it, I was really excited!

Oh My Goddess Bast!! She sent two kits AND some book flats! Book flats are the book covers from the printer before it gets folded and glued to the book. I love to frame them when I can get my hands on these and hang them up in my studio.

Of course Willow the cat jumped right up and planted her kitty butt right in the middle of everything, like she does...always.  I think she approves. Willow the cat appears on two cards, once on the "Floating Cat" the Mystical Cats version of the "Hanged Man." I got the inspiration to use her for this card after she ate some poison lillies and ended up at the vets office overnight probably tripping her little kitty butt off.  She bounced back fine, more on that story here.  She also appears on the two of sea with my Llewellyn art department rock star and head of the art department Lynne Menturwecks cat.  So Willow is quite proud of herself.
Back of the deck
Back of the book
Here are the sides of the box, watch for this in bookstores everywhere this May!
Oh my, am I ever excited!  I just had to share with you. Now that the release of this shiny new deck is right around the corner, watch for new pretties to arrive in the official Mystical Cats Etsy shop too, we have tarot bags, jewelry, garden flags and more all featuring your favorite Mystical Cats!

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In the mean time I just want to put an entire kit on a necklace and wear it everywhere I go, is that so wrong?!

I was thinking all this excitement, purrrhaps I should do a giveaway, maybe a deck, tarot bag, autographed book flat, couple other fancies, what do you think?



  1. This makes me so happy oh goodness I'm so glad I pre-ordered and it can't arrive soon enough! Y'all did incredible work on this deck, thank you so much!

  2. I think giving some away is a great idea.

  3. Beautiful set! Cannot wait to have one!
    Giveaway? Yea, we're all up for one of those :)

  4. I want it!!! Soon, so soon... : ) I can't wait to review it.

    I just need to downsize my collection a few decks before I can welcome a new member to the family.

    You did a wonderful job! When I went to Barnes and Noble, it was the only deck calling out to me.


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