Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Free Healing Candle Labels and Spells

Hi Dears,

Sometimes life is just hard.  This spring has been particularly difficult for many, and really for all of us, as we have seen political battles, human rights showdowns, natural disasters, misplaced hate, rage and anger.  A school shooting of unthinkable proportions in New Town started off our year and then we all watched two tragedies unfold in Boston at the Marathon and then just shortly after in Texas when a fertilizer plant exploded.  And of course we have to remember that it's not just here in the U.S., no, there are many parts of the world where oppression, abuse, and large scale violence are commonplace.  In all of the grief that we have all witnessed and felt, we have to remember something very important, even in the midst of some very bad things going on in the world, the power of good is still stronger.  The power of healing can move mountains.
All these candles use the labels from this free Candle Label and Spell  PDF. The link to download
this set is below.
Goddess Statue in this photo designed by Abby Willowroot

My friend Blake Octavian Blair and I got to talking about the world’s events that have unfolded this spring.  I'm a Reiki Master and so is Blake, he also does a lot of Shamanic healing work too. We met online as so many people do these days, and found that we have a lot of things in common, we also are both contributors to the Llewellyn annuals and spend a decent amount of time writing about ways that people can improve their lives exploring the magical aspects of spirituality.  During the discussion we talked about how much it helps both of us to be able to send positive energy to world events.  It's the one thing that we can do as healers to contribute to the world.  It's also a great coping mechanism for those of us who tend to take these kind of events deeply to heart, and let's face it, that's a lot of us that do just that, I bet, Dear Reader, you do too!  Blake had seen some of my printable candle labels I make from my art and so Blake sent me a text one day suggesting that I create a candle label that people could use to send healing for all these current events that have hurt our hearts so deeply.  It was brilliant! Along with Blake's input, single label became a sheet of candle labels,  and we each wrote a spell to go along with them too with love and compassion for humankind.
Working the Healing altar Spell written by Blake Octavian Blair, included with
the Healing Candles and Spells PDF

In that spirit, it was also decided to share it freely with anyone and everyone who has the desire to send positive energy into the world.  We also decided to make the sheet non-specific to the current events and people in need of healing during this tumultuous spring, because there would always be events, places and people in need of healing energy.  In this way, this candle sheet and these spells may be used today and on into the future whenever you or others have need.  For safety, be sure to use the labels only on jar candles, or jar candle holders; never affix a candle label to the wax candle itself, as it could catch on fire.  Also burn your candles according to the candle instructions and never leave a burning candle unattended.  Use these spells as they are written, or as inspiration for creating your own spell for sending healing into the world.

For the Free PDF, click here to download! with our compliments from Blake Octavian Blair and Mickie Mueller

We both hope you enjoy these candle labels and spells for years to come.  Feel free to share them with anyone you like, please join us in sending healing energy to those who need it most, as often as you like.

For more on Blake Octavian Blair visit his website: http://www.blakeoctavianblair.com/
To see more of my art visit my website: http://www.mickiemuellerart.com

Please drop a comment below and let us know how you used your candle labels and spells!

Brightest Blessings,


  1. Amazingly generous! Thank youboth for the share!

  2. They look lovely :) Thank you so much for sharing, I just got a free candle in fact, its lovely! Got it from http://www.fabfreesamples.co.uk/free-jersey-company-candles/ I really recommend these!


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