Friday, January 18, 2013

Top 5 Reasons Tea for One is Awesome!

We started making these cool Tea for One sets in the studio for the holidays, and we've gotten such a good response, we're keeping them in stock!  These are really neat sets, a porcelain cup and teapot, just perfect a bit of indulgence for any tea lover (like me) creating a comforting moment to relax at home or even while taking a break at the office!  Here are the top 5 reasons that I love these new tea sets!

1. They Make You Feel Super Fancy!  For me, having a cup of tea is a little break just for me, even when I'm working, a sip make you feel good inside.  Having your own personal set like this makes it extra nice.  This set features the art of Lunar Eclipse, the Moon Goddess pulls her dark cloak around her as she rests in the starry sky.  If you love these pictures, just wait until you see one in person, even better! I love to nestle the cup in my hand, just perfect!

I was using mine while working on my illustrations for Llewellyn's Magical Almanac
last week, it's nice to be able to get a second hot cup without getting up, especially
when you're on a deadline!

2. They Don't Dribble!  These sets includes a 20 oz. teapot with a dome shaped lid and a 12 oz. tea cup. The tea-for-one set is perfect for enjoying two generous cups of tea. The teapot is pours really nice and neat, it was the first thing I noticed the first time I used one.  I've had many teapots through the years that dribble down the spout, but this one doesn't, and since I like to use it at my art table, you can imagine my delight!
Nice pouring, the spout is perfect!

3. Your Tea Ball Fits:  Sometimes I use teabags, I find that I can get a really good brew with one teabag, being a thrifty artist I often make two cups form one teabag anyway.  I recently received a gift of some lovely loose teas from Amitea and a fancy tea ball, so I hoped it would fit.  The opening of the top of the teapot measures 2" so you can use a teabag, a tea ball, English style tea strainer, and any infuser that is 2" or less in diameter.
I was so glad my new tea ball works! This pretty tea ball was a gift from fellow Etsy artisan MK Beckly
from Magical Monk Bags.  If you would like one of these pretty tea balls, you can find them here at Amitea.

4. Keeps Your Tea Hot:  The first time I used this, I was very pleased that the pot keeps the tea nice and warm, so that your next cup is perfect.  Here's a tip to extend the length of time the pot stays warm!  For years I've used an electric candle warmer to keep my tea nice and warm to the last sip.  When I used my Tea For One for the first time, I decided to see if the teapot would fit on it, and it did!  The teapot bottom measures 4” in diameter, it fits on my warmer just like it was made for it.  I was so very pleased.  They make fancier ones now, but mines just one of those plastic ones, you can get them just about anywhere they sell jar candles. 

Here's my teapot sitting on the candle warmer, it's a perfect fit!

5. It Doubles as Pretty Decor: The bottom edge of the teapot is inset so it fits on top of the cup for easy stacking. When you're done the cup and teapot stack neatly together until the next time you're ready to treat yourself! These Tea for One tea sets are also available with your choice of any of my art including the art from any of my decks, sure to add magic to any kitchen.
Everyone that comes over wants to check out my teapot as soon as they see it!

Do you want to enjoy a little luxurious break the way I do at my old wooden art table?  We've got these little gems available in our Etsy shop, so drop by and browse our designs, or pick your favorite art and order through our and we'll make one up just for you!

Brightest Blessings,


  1. “Having your own personal set like this makes it extra nice.” - I like that. You are a great talker, Mickie! Congratulations on a great post! I've always been drinking tea but never owned a teapot. Do you think that's ironic? I must go and buy my self one then. Thanks and enjoy the tea!

    Kevin Walls


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