Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Little Magic for Your Car!

Have a happy drive! These ornaments/car charms are available in our Etsy shop!

Last summer while on our usual festival circuit, we made some of the ceramic ornaments we use for the holidays with all of my other art designs on them, these lovely little ornaments aren't just for Yule.  We discovered that if you hang these on a ribbon they can be small wall ornaments, they can hang above a wall altar, and at only 3 1/4" x 2 1/4" they also make a lovely car charm that you can hang from your rear view mirror!  How cool.  We have them available in our Etsy shop for anyone interesed.

We can put any of my pieces of art on these little gems, they're really cool.  You can have your favorite fairy,  God or Goddess watching over your car and it's passengers every day.

Here's super simple instructions to turn one of our magical ornaments into a car charm and a spell you can use to enchant it before you hang it in your car.  You spend a lot of time in your car, why not add some art and enchantment to your favorite chariot and make it a more pleasent place to be!  Who can't use a little extra beauty and magic in their lives?!

Ceramic Car Charm Spell

You'll need:
  • Ceramic charm with your choice of art prepared as shown above.
  • A bowl or cup for hot water that the charm can fit into.
  • Any or all of the following herbs,comfrey (safe travel) feverfew (safe travel) juniper (anti-theft) rosemary(protection and concentration) mint (for calm)
  • coffee filter
  • piece of string or rubber band
  • a white candle
Spell ingrediants, you only need one car charm, this pic shows lots of them, we can make them with any piece of art from our Etsy shops you like! 
You may use any, or all of these herbs.

Put your herbs in the middle of a coffee filter, bundle up and tie with a string.
Put it in the bowl and pour boiling water over it and allow it to sit for about 1/2 hour while it brews and then cools.

Remove the herb bundle from the water and light the candle. Holding the car charm by the ribbon, dip the ornament three times into your magical brew, don't worry if some of your brew gets on the ribbon.

 Lay it on the table next to the candle holding your hands over the charm, enchant it with your intentions by repeating the following three times:
    "Magic charm magic art, I enchant you, do your part, May this charm bless my car As I travel near or far. Safely carry me over the road, To all destinations then safely home,  Keep my chariot safe and sound By my will this spell is bound."
Leave it by the candle and allow the candle to burn out.  Then hang it in your car on your rear view mirror.

It's very important to remember that magic is not a substitute for safe driving, car maintenance or common sense, but it's a great idea to enchance your already good habits.  Happy traveling!



  1. What an awesome idea... not only magickal but beautiful too!

  2. such a lovely idea! your charms are beautiful.

  3. Hm, you make a good point. Many people spend a portion of their day riding a car. It would be a good move to have something that gives you a feeling of peace and joy - which can be a boon during those hot days when you have to drive long distances.


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