Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Would Anyone Like to Hire a Slightly Used Illustrator?

Well, it looks like I'm going to spending a lot more time at the old wooden art table soon.  Long story short, the company I'm working for is is probably going to have to lay me off.  No one wants this to happen, but it's out of our hands. *kicks at the dirt with foot*   Blah.   We knew this was coming for quite some time, that's one of the reasons I had been working so hard at my day job, and have been sporadic at best on the Internet.  We had lots of extra work doing reports, answering questions, compiling facts and figures and doing sales pitches about why we are a great multi award winning display company.  But alas, it was all to no avail.  While we do very big displays for major ad campaigns, we are a small company. Anyway, it looks like soon I'll be looking for other sources of income.  I don't know how long, it could be next month, or I might have a few more months to go, I'll stay as long as I'm needed. I'm looking at this as an opportunity, and I'm really excited to have more time to create my art which is what I love to do! So I'm getting all my ducks in a row as they say.

Here are my ducks, below!

 I'm really excited and have just set up a new profile at  (see above, cool right?)  So while one door closes, another opens, as is life.  I should have time to create lots of new and exciting items for our Etsy shop, new fairy art, commissions, work on my new book, and yes, even pick up some freelance illustration and freelance copy writing jobs.  I did both digital rendering and copywriting at my previous day job, so why not, right?  I already have a CD cover I'm working on.  I'm especially interested in picking up some book illustration assignments, since I've done many for Llewellyn lately, and really enjoy it. 

Instead of getting down about the situation, I'm looking at it like the future is wide open, let's do this thing!  I've always been a "glass half full" kind of gal, so we'll see if my philosophy will agree with my bank account.


  1. Sorry to hear of your impending day job lay-off,..that must feel frightening, but I agree with you...sometimes these type events are really fantastic opportunites presented in what *seems* like unfavorable circumstances! You are a very talented gal and will surely make the most of this situation! Best wishes!!

  2. Mickie - I just discovered your blog and love it. I will add myself as a follower. I have used your work in my blog Celtic Lady several times and received a nice note from you in return. I love your new (new to me anyway) paintings like Ogham Shield, Wisdom in the Woods and Willow etc. Your paintings bring my Celtic fantasy visions to life!

    Sorry to hear about you losing your job but I am glad you will have more time for your art.

  3. Thanks Carol, I'm keeping the faith that all will go according to a greater plan. :o) I agree, see it as an opportunity.

    Julie, thanks so much, I'm so pleased to see you here, I'm going to pop over and visit your blog now! Bright blessings on a rainy midwestern day!

  4. Thanks for your comment on Just Julie, my collage blog, which I have sorely neglected for a long time. My regular blog, Celtic Lady, is the one in which I have used your paintings.

    No rain here yet in Bismarck, but we are supposed to get soaked both tomorrow and Saturday!


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