Sunday, June 1, 2014

Mystical Cats, Magick, and Furballs: Interview and Giveaway Too!

I had a really fun chat with my friends Blake Octavian Blair & Gwain Nighthawk last week, and you know what they did? They recorded the whole thing for their podcast Broadcasts from the Cove!  We really had a fun time talking about Mystical Cats Tarot, Alefheim, and a plethora of other things as well. You'll want to grab a cup of tea and pop over and join us for the meandering madcap merriment because we're doing a giveaway!

One lucky listener will win a signed copy of Mystical Cats Tarot, tarot bag, bookmark, and cat ornament, plus Broadcasts from the Cove is throwing in a copy of the excellent CD Canyon Storm by Gwain Nighthawk with Blake Octavian Blair! This CD was on my playlist while working on Mystical Cats Tarot, so it's a great combo!

Here's what you'll get from me if your name is drawn in our giveaway!

The winner will get two packages, one from me and one from Gwain and Blake!
Canyon Storm by Gwain Nighthawk with Blake Octavian Blair 

Here's how to enter:
1.Give a listen to our interview on Broadcasts from the cove, its fun and easy and have a laugh while you're there!  Episode #5 - Mystical Cats, Magick, and Furballs: An Interview with Mickie Mueller

2. Pop over to Broadcasts from the Cove on Facebook: **Click here** and drop Blake and Gwain a comment on their post about the giveaway and suggest a topic for an upcoming show.
3. Come right back here and drop a comment on this blog post.'ll be entered twice in our giveaway! Fun! Easy!

Good luck!



  1. I can't begin to tell you how excited I am about this giveaway!!! I've been following the Mystical Cats facebook page and watching the development of this tarot deck and I'm in love with it!!! Unfortunately I'm unemployed and can't buy it so I definitely have my fingers crossed!!!

  2. There are several topics of interest to me. The pros and cons of mixing pantheons. Suggestions for doing rituals with mixed belief system participants. Exploring atheist paganism. Living magical in a mundane world. Veganism as a practice of *an it harm none*. And, btw, as a lover of cats, I LOVE this deck!

  3. Hi, what a beautiful, meaningful deck! The music is inspiring! I happened to find this deck and giveaway by coincidence, and noticed the giveaway is on a date that has very special meaning to me. Because of what happened starting on June 6th last year, it has awakened me spiritually to the idea "everything is connected." It's brought to my attention the possibility of synchronicity, divine coincidence, animal/nature spirit guides/omens, social justice, and how love resonates outside ourselves to create these connections, which all would be topics I'd very much enjoy exploring and learning more about. Thank you for creating such a beautiful tarot deck that connects the spirit of cats with our similar experiences.

    After a little, fuzzy, yellow gosling got separated from her family and ended up at our house along the river 5 years ago, it has changed our lives. We hoped to find her family, but after days of watching, we realized they were not coming back. She soon became more of a family member than a pet. I wish I could post a video; she was a wonderful goose. We bought a garment from "Mother Goose" online that allowed us to have her in our house to hang out with us when we couldn't be outside. We also built her a goose coup. Our yard turned into what looked like a scene out of Mother Goose fairytale. We joked how odd it sounded and how our neighbors would think we lost our mind. We also have 3 cats, and it was funny watching how our one kitty liked to hang out with Ducky. What an unlikely pair!

    But, tragically last year on June 6th, she was killed by a man that was living a negative life-style. One of our neighbors gave us a description of the man and his customized vehicle (which stood out). He had left the scene. A couple weeks later, this man showed up drunk at a gas station down the street where my son works. He had driven onto a concrete curb and had his car stuck. We didn't know it was the man at the time until we talked to our neighbor again, who confirmed he was behind the wheel of the car. Patrons at the gas station called the police, and they found drugs and needles in his car. Our son, who was very close with Ducky, was involved in this man's arrest. He had to fill out a police report about what happened on the lot when he was working. The man was charged but released. The strange thing is the man doesn't live in our small community; he's from a city about an hour away. There was newspaper articles about his involvement in the drug and gang scene. A month had passed.

    Then, we started hearing a hawk squaking outside our house. It would sit in a tree near our house. This was the first and only time a hawk has camped out by my house. Everyone noticed it, and it would go on for hours into the night. This went on for a couple weeks. I went outside one evening and the hawk landed near me in a tree where I could see it. Within a couple days, we heard from the police, which we had relayed the story of what happened with the man and our goose, that the man was found a couple counties over rolled up in a carpet and set on fire. I was in shock. We live in a rural area, where things like that don't happen very often. I went online to look up the newspaper article, it took me to a sight with a list of article titles. Both above and below the article about this man, was a double entry about a Duck's Unlimited meeting to be held on "Hawk Drive." It was unbelievable and gave me chills. After that night, the Hawk who had been here every evening, was no where to be seen or heard. We still morn her loss; it's difficult to share this, because it breaks my heart, but yet she gave the gift of love that opened our hearts.

  4. Hi Mickie , I am a big fan of your artwork and a big fan of cats LOL My daughter and I have rescued many of them and at this point we have a surplus but we love them all ( though at this point we can't take any more in ) and that is why I haven't yet bought your lovely tarot deck ( have to feed them , etc.) Listened to the pod cast and really enjoyed it. It was both magical and fascinating. I'm going to add this in here , if you don"t mind , because while I belong (?) to facebook I always have the most difficult time figuring out how to post comments on it . So I would love to listen to a pod cast on the witches broom with Deborah Bake ( sort of a simple suggestion, but another fascinating interview I feel. Bonnie Schoening


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