Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Magical Plants of Aelfheim

Last week we took a walk across the rambling acres here at Aelfheim to see what we could see.  We made some really cool discoveries on our walk.  I was very curious what kinds of plants were growing out there in the meadow, having left my magical garden behind at our old home at Oak Path, it's good to know what's available in your own back yard.

You can see the house, or just the roof, waaaay in the distance. Those dead trees or
"widow-makers" will have to come down this fall.
And quite a back yard it is!  This is the view of the house from the back edge of the property!  So when I say I don't know what I've got growing, I mean it!

As we walked along, I took photos of the various wildflowers I saw, knowing what some were, counting on the photos to help me identify the rest.  I'll post some from time to time, along with their magical uses. I wonder if you'll find any of these magical plants growing in your garden?!

Wild Rose, we missed the bloom, but the rose hips are lovely.

I already knew there are wild roses that grow in the area, so I was delighted to find this wild rose complete with rose hips!  Wild roses are a favorite faerie flower, full of energies of healing, love, protection and warding.  Rose hips are associated with Venus, and are the fruit like seed pod that remains when the petals are dropped.  Magically they are great for relieving stress, bringing love, and peace.
Black Eyed Susan

These wild growing black eyed Susan's were a delight to discover!  They stand for justice in the language of flowers and they are also great for energy shift work such as clearing away bad habits, unwanted emotions, powering away that which is not serving you on your spiritual journey.
Pokeweed, not quite ripe, but it's interesting looking, isn't it?

My mom easily identified Pokeweed growing in the meadow. This is a favorite of local birds, the berries are purple when they are fully ripe, and the juice makes excellent magical ink.  They are very aggressive plants from what I've read, and will take over if you're not careful.  It's great magically for breaking hexes and curses, exorcism and basically any banishing of baneful energies.  It's a toxic plant, although from what I've read, parts of it can be eaten if properly prepared.  I'll pass on that though and stick to magical uses.
This one is charming, it's called Partridge Pea

This sweet little plant is called partridge pea, I love it's fern like leaves.  Apparently, it's pods are a favorite of bobwhites, quail and doves. It's magical properties include perseverance, reaching your goals, and healing.

These are just a very small handful of the magical plants that I've discovered so far in the meadows of Aelfheim. Some of the others I have yet to identify, and some I know very well, but need to get photos. I hope you've enjoyed these and I'll post more in the future.

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