Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday Night Magical Movie: Ladyhawke

I just finished watching Hot Tub Time Machine, where four friends travel back to 1985 in a time machine, I wonder if they could have prevented Richard Donner from using the unfortunate soundtrack in the otherwise excellent magical film Ladyhawke which was released in 1986?  That would have been nice of them.

I really love this film, it has a great story, actors, humor, fight scenes, cursed lovers, an evil bishop, and Rutgar Hauer on a giant black frezian horse.  Too cool.  Don't get me wrong, nothing against Allen Parsons, but sometimes when you nail two things together that don't seem like they should fit, it works, and sometimes not so much.  It was a bold choice, and I applaud them for trying something different and although I do know that there are some who would disagree with me, I'm just saying the synthesisers, and electric guitars supporting a fantasy period piece in this instance didn't work for me.
Philipe would have liked Ferris Bueller, they could have hung out.

The music aside, I love this movie.  Philipe Gaston aka The Mouse (Matthew Broderick) a quirky thief, manages to escape from his imprisonment at Aquila.  In his travels he meets the dark and mysterious Captain Navarre (Rutger Hauer) who rescues him from certain capture by the guards of the evil Bishop of Aquila. (John Wood)
Rutgar Hauer looking dashing and dark, he does it with ease! 

Navarre is very interested in how Philipe escaped Aqulila because Navarre has been banished and wants to get back in so that he can kill the evil Bishop that runs everything there.  As they travel, Philipe discovers that his companion Navarre and his hawk are only with him by day, once the sun sets he is joined by a beautiful woman named Isabeau (Michelle Pfeiffer) and the two seem to be under the protection of  a black wolf.  He soon learns that the man and woman in his company are in love with each other and under a curse. 
Beware of jealous guys in big hats throwing curses! 

The Bishop was obsessed with Isabeau but she was in love with Navarre, the captain of the guard.  One day she confessed her love for Navarre to the trusted monk Imperious, (Leo McKern) but he betrayed her trust to the Bishop accidentally when he was drunk.  The Bishop became furious and placed a curse upon the couple.  By day, Isabeau would become a hawk, and by night Navarre would transform into a wolf, thus keeping them apart forever.  The curse, however could be broken if the two stand before the Bishop in their human forms, and Imperious has figured out a way to make that happen, but he and Phillipe have to put his plan into action before Navarre just kills the Bishop instead.
Leo McKern as Imperious

This beautiful film was shot in location in Italy and the scenes are awe inspiring.  I love the costumes as well, elegant and perfect.  It's really a great story and I think the acting is excellent.
The avian beauty, Isabeau

 Michelle Pfeiffer portrays a very avian quality and Rutger Hauer is a perfect lone wolf.  I love the character of Philipe, he has a very personal relationship with "The Lord" and converses with him regularly and out loud.  "I told the truth, Lord. How can I learn any moral lessons when you keep confusing me this way?" You can't help but love the characters and the heartbreak and love that Navarre and Isabeau share, and the hope that Philipe tries to give them.  The storyline keeps you on the edge of your seat.  This is definitely one of my favorite magical movies!

Imperious: "I fully expect to meet you at the Pearly Gates, little thief, and don't you dare disappoint me."
Philipe: "I'll meet you there, Father... even if I have to pick the lock."

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Bright Blessings!


  1. Omg.. it's been ages since I have seen that movie... it's great movie too!

  2. "Rutgar Hauer on a giant black frezian horse"
    Yes please!

    I do love this movie too.

  3. This brings back wonderful memories of my teens! Awesome story, fantastic actor, but I do agree with you... The electro-keyboard music killed it for me too (ditto for another 80's classic called Legend). Also, this is the movie that finally gave a name to those beautiful, graceful, high-stepping black horses that all little girls dream of.

  4. I saw this one few years ago and almost forgot it. Really beautiful story. I love Michelle Pfeiffer, so I think that I'll watch it again soon :D


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