Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Night Magical Movie: Practical Magic

Well, I spent the week feeling sorry for myself over my injured foot, and the last blog post I did was about the cancellation of the Voice of the Trees party, so I'm ready to get back to happy things.  They say that behind every dark cloud is a silver lining, and that is true, I even found some good in the bad of last week, one of my magical sisters and I got back in touch after a few months and we had a wonderful long conversation, late into the night sharing war stories and putting to rest some old ghosts, and brightening each others outlooks...we chuckled that we probably wouldn't have had that wonderful chat if not for the tragic "iron table vs foot" incident.  True magical sisters are a rare treasure, when you are at a dark low, they swoop in and pick you up and get you going again, and you're happy to trade the favor. In honor of all true magical sisters, (I believe you gals know who you are!) and the spirit of the season of the witch, I give you this weeks magical movie, Practical Magic.

This movie from 1998 was based on a book of the same title written by Alice Hoffman.  The book is a very different story from the movie, but I truly love both for their similarities and differences.

In the movie, directed by Griffin Dunne, the Owens women suffer under a curse going back to their magical ancestor Maria Owens.  Back in the old days, her heart was broken when she realized that her lover would never come to her rescue, so she cast a spell so that she will never fall in love again, but her bitterness over the incident turned the spell into a curse.  Now it seems that an untimely death comes to any man who dares to love an Owens woman.  As children, Sally and Gillian Owens parents died, their father from the curse and their mother of a broken heart, and they are raised by their wonderfully witchy aunts Fran (Stockard Channing) and Jet. (Dianne West) 
Midnight margaritas...I know that!
After learning of the curse and then spying on the aunts working love spells for the desperate women of the town, Sally decides she never wants to fall in love and casts a spell of her own to fall in love only with an impossible man who could never exist, or could he? 

Sally (Sandra Bullock) and Gillian (Nicole Kidman) grow up, Gillian plays the field never getting too serious about love, but Sally falls in love with a great guy, has two beautiful daughters and then the curse kicks in.  When her husband dies in a freak accident, she goes into herself, brings her daughters (played delightfully by Evan Rachel Wood and Alexandria Artrip) and moves back in with the aunts.  Times get tough, but her sister shows up and gets her back on her feet and breathing again.  Next thing you know it's Gillians turn to need her sister when it turns out the guy she's involved with, Jimmy is a real bad guy.  After a kidnapping, an attempted strangulation, a belladonna overdose and a botched resurrection spell the sisters find themselves trying to rid themselves of one mean angry ghost.

Enter the very hot lawman, officer Gary Hallet (Aiden Quinn...mmmm) who shows up looking for Gillian's ex boyfriend who it turns out is/was a murderer. Dodged a bullet there ladies, Gary also has fallen for Sally and he has all the impossible attributes of her childhood spell! 
What a house!  I could have breakfast there, want to join me?

There are so many wonderful scenes in this movie, the classic scene where they have midnight margaritas, the spell to bring Jimmy back including the pentagram drawn on his chest with whipped cream, the phone tree, and who wouldn't want the aunts Book of Shadows?!  I love Sally's trick for blowing candles "on," and how about that house!?
"Something white to write with" whipped cream in a pinch!

I also love, love, love the soundtrack for this movie, featuring Stevie Nick's Crystal (which I have always believed has magic in it) This Kiss by Faith Hill, Coconut by Harry Nilsson, etc. great music!

Halloween at the Owen's house.

One of the greatest witchy movies of all time in my book, and I always love to watch it this time of year!

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  1. Good to see you feeling better. I love Pratical Magic. We watch it throughtout the year. Everyday is Halloween to me.

    Blessings, V.

  2. My favorite movie of all time. My kids call it my 'go to' movie as I will often want it I cook, write...anything :)

    Feel better...and enjoy this wonderful Samhain month!

  3. My all time favorite movie. They tried to make a tv series out of it years ago, but the pilot never aired. I never get tired of this movie.

  4. What a wonderful post!!!! Did you know that there was a recent blog party celebrating Practical Magic? I think it will occur next year as well - you should definitely take part! We all celebrated our love for the film and the book (Alice Hoffman is one of my favorite authors!).

  5. I know, I totally missed it, I realized it just earlier today, I'll definately do it next year! How fun!

  6. One of my favs and for all the reasons you listed above. AND the house! Who doesn't dream of having that house and garden with the picket fences. *sigh* I watch it all throughout the year. Have not read the book yet, though. It's on my "to do" list.

  7. Another great movie :D ?I'm so unhappy because there aren't making movie like this nowadays ;/ It has real magic inside

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