Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Night Magical Movie: The Dresden Files

Well, it's not really a movie, but I've been digging watching all the episodes of this magical 2007 TV series back to back while I work on art for the "new secret project."  Based upon the books by Jim Butcher, this series features Harry Dresden a private investigator who also happens to be a wizard.  I love the sign on his door, "Harry Dresden- Wizard."  This great series had a pretty short run, as good shows sometimes do, (Firefly is a good example of that) this series ran only a dozen episodes, and left me wanting more.
Her certainly has hung up the shingle

If you're in the windy city, you can look him up in the yellow pages, he's the only wizard listed.
Harry (Paul Blackthorn, kinda wizardly name too)  was named after Harry Houdini by his stage magician father and his mother who very talented in the ways of real magick.  His mother died when he was young, and he was raised by his father until he was 11. His father fell prey to Harry's Uncle who killed him with black magic in order to take on Harry's training as a Wizard any way he could.  Harry grew up, wiser and tougher, ending up working in Chicago both for private clients and as a special consultant for the police investigating "anything strange and unusual."  Incubus, body snatchers, and demons don't stand a chance!
I love this streetwise character, he always looks a bit grubby and unshaven, but his urban charm still shines through.  As he makes his way through the streets of Chicago, he is totally incognito, in the TV series Dresden could be anyone and his choice magical tools reflect that.  No magical robes for this wizard, a worn leather jacket is his garb.  His wand is a drumstick (ash wood, good choice) and his weapon of choice, his staff, is a hockey stick (probably ash too with birch and aspen) who doesn't love that?!  Dresden's accomplice is his mentor and friend Bob, who's full name is Hrothbert of Bainbridge, (played by Terrance Mann) who dies in 900 AD.  You guessed it, Bob is a ghost, who has been cursed to live in his beautifully decorated skull because he used black magic to bring his beloved Winnifred back to life when she was killed.  Bob is delightful for a cursed ghost, and helps Harry with his font of knowledge of all things occult.
Bob doing his cool writing glowy symbols in the air thing

Bobs home sweet home
Harry also has ties people who are in charge of keeping the peace (more or less) in both the mundane and magical worlds.  Lt. Murphy (Valerie Cruz) is the Chicago Police Officer who enlist Harry's help with cases that have supernatural elements.  There is a sexual tension there, that probably would have built into more had the series continued.  Morgan (Conrad Coates) is the Warden of the High Council for the Chicago area.  The High Council is the governing body of the wizard world, and Harry is a bit of a rebel, so there are no warm fuzzy feelings there.

One of the fun re-occurring characters is Bianca a femme fatale vampiress,  (is there any other kind?) played by Joanne Kelly who many will recognise as Myka from Warehouse 13.
Harry and Bianca relaxing, she doesn't, but gets a taste anyway!
I think I'd like to pick up the books which I've heard are quite different from the series, but I think they would be a good read.   Apparently Harry Dresden's world also lives on as graphic novels and a role playing game.  If you have Netflix streaming, get the most out of their new higher prices (grrrrr, where's my hockey stick?) and check out The Dresden Files, it's loads of fun.

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